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Thread: N8 Belle RM-596 "HEARTBREAKER" Version (111.030.0607) on 14.12.2011

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    New N8 Belle RM-596 "HEARTBREAKER" Version (111.030.0607) on 14.12.2011


    Custom Firmware based on Symbian Belle Version (111.030.0607)


    • 234.8 MB free space in C drive.
    • 133+ MB free RAM.
    • Full English language
    • Welcome message disabled
    • Message, clock, log, calendar removed from startup to save RAM
    • Restart option with logo. (restart after 2 seconds because of sysap 2.4)
    • Changing profile notification enable
    • FM Transmitter notification popups disabled
    • Switch off speed increased
    • Fast search of music and video in gallery
    • Music and video search in E and F
    • Music player volume increased
    • Sysap modded and in portrait and landscape mode

    • Rompatcher + with following patches
     Block gprs
    stop gprs connection
     C2z4bin_thumb_belle
    This patch permit use of files in C before Z
     ChangedeviceId
    This patch will change device ID
     CRepository4all
    Tweak user this will unlock all tweaks by default without restarting phone
     Install server RP+
    Remove certificate check while installing sis files
     Open4All RP+
    Open access for reading writing sys,private,resource
     RemoveHashCheck
    Patch removes hash checking for removable binaries, you can modify e:\sys\bin files without re-calculating of hash file in c:\sys\hash
     ShowRamandRom
    Patch is opening the hidden drives for user. With this patch you can:
    -hide any drive from "file manager" and "installation application", also you can install apps to the "D" drive.
    -hide F drive, comfortable for phones with mass memory and micro sd. When you inserts the micro sd, the phone willn't check the images to update database.
    By default patch opens "D" and "Z" drives, you can change values there "00000000". As example you want to hide F drive, you will change walue to "05000000". Value is the number of the drive in system.
    "C" - 02
    "D" - 03
    "E" - 04
    "F" - 05
    "Z" - 19.
    there are two patches (first opens the D and Z drives, second hides F drive)
     TRemoverectone
    As everyone know it will remove beeping sound while call recording.

    • Alarm Snooze Time 4 minutes.
    • Screen display time 1 minute.
    • Autolock time 1 minute.
    • Screen brightness 50%
    • Fota disabled
    • Voice reorganization sensitivity improved
    • Call recorder format MP4
    • USB OTG notifications disabled.
    • Call duration On by default.
    • New Analog Clock small and big.

    • New transparent widgets
     Digital clock
     Calendar
     Email
     Anna notification widget
     Profile

    • Return Discreet Popup of Connection.
    • New Mesh Music player widget
    • Popup clock after lock screen changed
    • Allow rename of application in menu.
    • New Startup and shutdown tones from E
    • New startup and shutdown animation from E

    • Message setting predefined
     Full character support
     Message will open in inbox
     Saving sent message enabled
     Service message on, downloading manually
     Delivery report on
     Message validity maximum

    • New fonts
    • Bluetooth name “Heartbreaker”
    • Nokia Maps v3.08.

    • General profile name changed to “Heartbreaker”
     Nice ringtone added (bolly song ) I bet all will going to like
     Ringing type Ringing
     Ringing volume full
     Keypad tone level 3
     Vibration on
     Touchscreen vibration level 1

    • New theme effects by Jin Hao + allstar12345.

    • Camera
     Continuous autofocus
     Video recording at 30fps
     Camera process disabled from background
     Camera shutter tone mute enabled
     Extended zoom
     Picture will save on E drive

    • Time format 24 hour
    • Active divert notes disabled
    • Web browser cache in E:\system\cache
    • Improved kinetic scrolling mod
    • Installserver in Z
    • Voice recorder quality high and saving location E:\
    • FM transmitter NOKIA N8
    • Tactile feedback improved
    • Equalizer mod ability to edit equalizer
    • Ability to delete first home screen
    • Maximum number of home screen 10
    • Mod for editing log duration
    • Ability to disable java permission
    • Log of wlan and gprs visible
    • Modded device manager
    • Predective text turned off by default
    • Ability to resume download in web browser
    • Web browser IN suffix for indian websites
    • Fonts support hindi character
    • CPU rate 80%
    • Added user defined caller image

    • Optional Folder named UTILITY with sis files in E drive with following files
     Best screen snap
    For screen capturing
     HS text Mod
    you can remove icon caption on home screen on other hand if you removed you can get it back by same file
     Tweaks
    For tweaking your phone
     N8 user agent 3.0 and 5.0
    If you want to enjoy full web browsing like on your desktop, or you want the same internet experience as on the iphone, you can achieve that with an easy sis-files installation. Make sure the browser is closed and then install the file you want. It will let you choose which User Agent you want to use, of course you can only select one of them!
    The "N8 User Agent 3.0/5.0.sis" can be installed as often as you want, no need to uninstall to change the UA, you don't even have to restart your device! Switch the UA in seconds!!You can easily uninstall it, to restore your original browser user agent!
    Example I:
    If you are using the default N8 User Agent "" will automatically redirect you to the mobile version of that page [mod] advertisement[/mod]. If you install my mod and choose the firefox user agent, this won't happen and you will get the full version of [mod] advertisement[/mod]
    Example II:
    if you are using the Firefox user agent and go to "" you will not get redirected to mobile version. That means the full youtube website will show, but the full version also needs full flash support (symbian doesn't support full flash support!), so most videos won't work!!You can still go to "" manually and all videos will run as usual.

    • Application removed from UDA
     Photo and video editor moved to rofs and core
     Shazam
     Youtube launched
     Nokia social

    • Thanks to
     I Il.Socio
     CodeRUS for mods
     Intxeon for guiding
     the_one.89 for guiding
     IExtraX7 for his mods and patches
     Zinox for clock and music player widget
     Attila for theme
     jnx_r for his wonderful guide
     Ancelad for tactile feedback
     freaxs_r_us for translation

    And everyone who helped me..

    For flashing guide please refer to normal flashing method you can search in forum and let me know if you still need help.

    For language other than english download your language rofs2 and replace it with rofs2 in bundle and flash it




    £/ ////______l
    ) /_(_)

    Hope you guys will enjoy post your suggestion, bugs and feedback.


    # I may missed few things will check again. Excuse my banner will fix it later

    Screenshots Coming..!!![COLOR="Silver"]

    more screenshots.....
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