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Thread: [GUIDE] Get 50GB storage with on any device /50GB only until 'til March 31st/

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    New [GUIDE] Get 50GB storage with on any device /50GB only until 'til March 31st/

    Please Read This Post as 50GB offer is open to all Android devices now
    *** offer to end Friday 23rd March 2012.***

    I've seen this guide in various places but i thought it would be most useful in here. I have searched to see if anyone has posted this here but found nothing.

    Basically are offering 50GB online storage (normally 5GB) to anyone with an LG or Xperia phone till 31st of december. If you dont have any of these phones you can still benifit from this offer by quickly editing your build.prop.

    (update: if you don't have root access, or don't wanna play with a system file - skip to end of this post)

    What you need;
    Rooted phone
    A way to edit your build.prop - build.prop editor, root explorer, etc.

    1. Root explorer :

    2. app from android market : Secured URL

    Link for "incomptible device" on market:

    Secured URL

    Note:Only rooted devices will be able to do this procedureRead the procedure multiple times before doing it

    First open your build.prop using yor prefered method and edit these two lines to look like this (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST);
    ro.product.model=VS910 4G

    Procedure: Download and install both root explorer and Box application on your Android phoneOpen Root explorer and go to the folder named “System”Once you are there click on “Mount R/W” on top right which will give you Read/write permissionNow you will be able to find a file named “Build.prop”, long press and select Open in text editor from the list

    Once it has been opened in text editor, search for the line “ro.product.manufacturer=HTC” (If it is an HTC phone), once you find this line put your cursor there, delete HTC and add “ro.product.manufacturer=LGE” as shown in the picture below
    Once that is done search for the line “ro.product.model=Nexus One” (If the device is Nexus One) and change it to “ro.product.model=VS910 4G”

    Save, reboot.

    Open the box app and register for a new account and you should receive a 50GB account.

    This offer ends on the 31st of March 2012 so make the most of it.

    Dont forget to restore your original build.prop after u completed the above process.

    Once these changes have been made press the menu button and select the option “Save and Exit”, this will save the changes and also create a backup
    Once this has been done ,change R/W to R/O from top
    Press Home and reboot the device
    Once the device reboots open the Box application and register as soon as you register you will get a 50GB account
    Once you have registered for the Box account and got 50 GB of space follow again from the second step and change back to the way Build.prop was, then save and reboot again


    users with root access can use it too (obviously)

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