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Thread: [CFW] IC@Darkstream N97-C6 v2.0

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    Star [CFW] IC@Darkstream N97-C6 v2.2 FINAL

    ---------------- IC@Darkstream N97-C6 v2.2 Final ---------------
    -------- Based on: Hegazy Ultimate N97-C6 v13.09 Final --------
    -------- CLEAN ENGLISH VERSION ----------- by IaguCool --------
    * The procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, I won’t be held liable — you do it at your own risk and responsiblity. You have been warned!
    * You CANNOT flash this firmware with Phoenix, you MUST flash only with JAF!

    * IC@Darkstream N97-C6 v2.2 Final
    * Qt V4.07(3) + QtWebKit V4.07(3) + QtMobility V1.01(3)
    ATTENTION: Qt was tested and appears to work correctly. The included Qt V4.07(3)'s dependencies were removed in order to not show "Missing components" warnings when installing it, since the components aren't actually missing.

    * Secured URL
    * Secured URL

    * Secured URL
    * Secured URL

    1. Remove private, resource, sys and system folders (those that exist) from E: (mass memory) and F: (memory card).
    Also remove "ThinkChange" folder from E:, if you have one!
    2. In JAF you need to check "Manual Flash", "Dead USB", "Factory Set", "Use INI" (RM-505), and uncheck "CRT 308".
    (Any other options must not be changed!)

    Version 2.2 Final:
    * Bug fix: Now the SmartDialer, FM transmitter, virtual QWERTY keyboard (full and mini) are working!
    * Bug fix: v2.2 is using the original C6-00 StaticFeatures.dll, thus many bugs are gone! Example: the Gallery no longer fails to load thumbnails / full images!
    --- A big Thanks to paladzin, again, for providing me with the alternative method to enable the FM transmitter! (instead of using modified StaticFeature.dll)

    Version 2.1:
    * Bug fix: Now both FM transmitter and the virtual QWERTY keyboard (full and mini) are working, thus Swype was moved to optional Installs folder.
    * Bug fix: The hardware keyboard lights no longer activate when in landscape mode.
    --- A big Thanks to paladzin for providing me with these fixes!

    Version 2.0:
    * Handy Alarm Pro V1.05(0)
    ---> Returned to /C/ folder. (cannot be installed on other drives)
    ---> Does not create Handy folder on Main Menu (placed on Main Menu instead).
    * Voice Commands re-enabled!
    * Built-in applications updated to the latest supported:
    App. Name | Release 1.0 | Release 2.0 | Changes & Side notes
    Web Browser | v7.3.1.25 | v7.3.1.31 | Now it's similar to Symbian Anna's browser.
    (v7.3.1.33 from 5800XM v60 crashes on N97)
    Music Player | N97 Mini V30 | C6-00 V41 | Lyrics & folder playlists support.
    (Refreshing library still takes a long time)
    Swype Pen Input | v2.1.1332 | v2.1.4426 | You can get language packs from Secured URL,
    by logging-in and pressing "Try it Now".
    Known issues:
    * There is a cosmetic bug with this Anna Browser on "Network selection" screen when opening the browser, but it doesn't interfere the functionality of the browser.

    Version 1.1:
    * TTPod is now working without the need of any "patch4run". Just install TTPod and run it.
    * Theme Effects are disabled by default to increase speed drastically. (You can re-enable them in Themes)
    * The following packages have been embedded into the firmware, and do not need to be installed separately:
    - Open C Glib V1.07(5)
    - Open C LIBLOGGER V1.07(5)
    - Open C LIBSSL V1.07(5)
    - Open C LIBZ Support Files V1.07(5)
    - Signal Server V1.07(5)
    - Standard C++ Library V1.07(5)
    - Symbian OS PIPS V1.07(5)
    - Symbian OS STDIOSERVER V1.06(0)
    - sqlite3 V0.50(0)
    NOTE1: All these built-in packages are up-to-date, although can be updated/downgraded by installing "Installation, ROM upgrade [SA, RU]" SIS packages.
    NOTE2: Any messages about "Missing component" concerning one of the above packages can be ignored. The fact that they were not installed with SIS package does not mean the package is not actually built-in.
    NOTE3: This is especially made to support Qt v4.7.3. Qt is too large to be included in the firmware, but download link for Qt V4.07(3), QtWebKit V4.07(3) and QtMobility V1.01(3) is included above. They all install OK, on any drive you chose.
    * PhotoFlow installation SIS was permanently deleted from Installs folder, because it constantly crashes.
    * After all above changes, some SIS packages were removed from AutoInstaller. The packages that WILL be installed are the following:
    C: Drive:
    - +4 Presets for Music Player Equaliser.sis
    - APIBridge V1.01(0).sis
    - Internet Radio V2.04(0).sis
    - MyKeyLock V1.01(2) Mod.sis
    - winRAR V0.01(0).sis
    E: Drive:
    - CameraPro V2.01(5).sis
    - Digital Compass V2.00(1).sis
    - Handy Alarm Pro V1.05(0).sis
    - Swype Pen Input V2.01(1332).sisx
    * More free memory on C: and Z: (ROM partition) thanks to the deleted AutoInstaller SIS packages, and the packages that were moved to be installed on E: drive instead (Handy Alarm Pro and CameraPro).

    Version 1.0 Fix 1:
    * TTPod is now working without the need of any "patch4run". Just install TTPod and run it.
    * Theme Effects are disabled by default to increase speed drastically.

    Version 1.0:
    * Completely clean firmware - useless & unused files and resources removed.
    * Added the following apps to "\data\Installs\" so they will be copied to Mass Memory and you'll be able to manually install them from "Settings -> Application manager -> Installation files", so those apps will not be auto-installed, you can install only what you need:
    - ActiveFile V1.44(5).sis
    - Best ScreenSnap V3.01(0).sisx
    - PhotoFlow V2.00(1).sisx
    - Reader V1.00(0).sis
    - UltimateVoiceRecorder V6.01(2).sis
    * All ROMPatcher patches were renamed and their descriptions were fixed with proper English:
    - Bass Boost.rmp
    - C2Z.rmp
    - C2Z4Bin.rmp
    - Install Server.rmp <- This one includes the "built-in error fix"
    - Lock Bluetooth.rmp
    - Open4All.rmp
    - ReadCRoot.rmp
    - Remove Recorder Tone.rmp
    - Remove Red LED.rmp
    - Save Clipboard After Reboot.rmp
    * "pnht" folder removed. All Auto-installer apps were moved to "\data\ThinkChange\" so you need to manually run Auto-installer from Tools menu. MAKE SURE "Install Server.rmp" IS ENABLED IN ROMPATCHER FIRST! This was made to prevent internet connection requests, and to make first-boot clean and fast. Also to allow you to see which applications are being installed. Some apps were removed and some added. Here is the list of apps my CFW has in Auto-installer, and they are installed in this order:
    Installed on C: Drive:
    - +4 Presets for Music Player Equaliser.sis
    - 1. APIBridge V1.01(0).sis
    - 2. Open C GLIBRARY Common V1.00(1).sis
    - 3. Open C LIBSSL Common V1.05(1).sis
    - 4. Symbian OS STDIOSERVER V1.05(1).sis
    - CameraPro V2.01(5).sis
    - Handy Alarm Pro V1.05(0).sis
    - Internet Radio V2.04(0).sis
    - MyKeyLock V1.01(2) Mod.sis <- This is my own Mod: Edited the titles to proper English translation
    and edited the default settings: Auto-Enabled after install, to lock - double-click End key (Red),
    to unlock - press Send key (Green) once. Very handy for quick lock-unlock functions for people whose
    Keyguard switch slider key had broke/fell off, which seems to be pretty common problem
    (search Google for "Keyguard switch N97", look at some of the first results),
    though you can still unlock the phone normally by Keyguard switch or the "Swipe to unlock".
    - winRAR V0.01(0).sis
    Installed on D: Drive:
    - Digital Compass V2.00(1).sis
    - Swype Pen Input V2.01(1332).sisx <- After installing this, the "Full screen QWERTY" and "Mini QWERTY keyboard" options from input-method menu will be restored!
    NOTE: It's recommended to restart your phone after Auto-installer finishes all installations.
    * "PhotoFlow" removed from Photos suite.
    * Connecting phone with USB: "OviSuite" fixed to "Ovi Suite".
    * FM Transmitter Fix v1.1 included + widget restored.
    * Default theme changed from "Nokia Theme White" to "Nseries 4" (the awesome orange and black theme).
    * Startup message ("Hacked by M.Hegazy") removed.
    * General profile restored to the default name (from "<|HeGaZy-C6|>" back to "General").
    * Default "Message alert tone" changed from "Message 9.acc" to "Alarm 4.acc", which is much more pleasant.
    * Removed "Music store" from Music player.
    * "Settings -> Phone -> Sensor settings" default settings changed: "Silencing calls" and "Snoozing alarms" were disabled by default for both "Taping control" and "Turning control".
    * Shortcut bar default icons changed to: EasyKeyLock, Videos & TV, Messaging and Web. (Again, the EasyKeyLock icon is especially useful for people whose Keyguard switch slider key had broke/fell off)
    * Default BlueTooth display name changed from "HeGaZy Ultimate C6" back to "Nokia N97".
    * Main Menu was completely reorganized, now it looks clean and professional! (Screenshots soon...)
    * "Device updates" (*#0000#) screen cleaned up, for correct display for any language.
    * Custom Anna icons for [almost] all applications (see TO-DO).
    * Splash screen and Shut-down screen changed to the Red Dragon one, like in Hegazy Ultimate N97 v12.0.

    TO-DO (FOR v1.2):
    * Mod for "Default applications" to be able to set TTPod, PhotoFlow, Opera Mini, etc. as default applications.
    * Fix icon scaling bug that makes icons smaller for specific applications.
    * Custom Anna icons for: CameraPro, Swype Pen Input, Digital Compass, Handy Alarm Pro.


    Q: How do I import other languages?
    - For display language:
    Step 1: Google for C6V40 language packs for N97 (e.x. Italian_RM-612.Lang). Once you have your language pack, just import it with NFE's Language Manager and rebuild the firmware.
    Step 2: Compare the files in the following folders:
    Working English file, has all filenames correct. Open it with Notepad.
    Open any other language-code folder (??), other than 01, and open the "matrixmenudata.dtd" file with Notepad also. Compare this file with the same file from the 01 (English) folder and complete the missing entries.
    Step 3: You will also need to get Nokia Browser's resource file (BrowserNG.r##) and Music Player resource files (mpx*.r##) that suit your wanted languages (place the language code instead ##), from C6-00 V41 official firmware! (for Russian and Hebrew you can use the attached links for language packages for v2.0)

    - For writing languages: Get an original N97 firmware that has the wanted writing language *.rofs2 file with NaviFirm 0.1. Import the following files from the firmware to IC@Darkstream firmware:
    Q: Why was ISMS removed?
    A: ISMS was removed because (a) not every user needs it (like me, for example); (2) those who do need it will be able to download the latest version and install it manually, rather than installing an app which is already built-in.


    Secured URL
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