The fact that switching the input language in the Series60 based smartphones is very tiring out for user had been established historically.

If for Series60 3rd edition users there are many software of high quality, that make user to be able to switch the input language with single press, then the Series60 5th edition and newest Symbian^3 users were obviously deprived of that function.

Buttons number on the touch-phones day by day becomes lesser and this is really unwanted to provide precious dedicated button just for language switching.

There you can activate/deactivate the application, manage application loading when phone is turned on, choose languages that app will switch during its work.

The language selection dialogue handles scroll, so if you can’t see the language that you need on the screen, you should try to scroll this list up or down.

The languages list is formed using all input languages these are using by the current phone firmware, i.e. they are all the same languages that you can see when you switch an input language using the phone menu.

If you are unable to find desired language – it seems that it is missing in your phone firmware and you can’t add it into the application.
After selecting the language you should select the language switching option. Here we have tried to select some most handy options and demonstrate them.
You have to look at the pictures and remember the gesture that you like most. In first three cases you should run your finger from the green sector to red, in the fourth and fifth options you should just press the green sector. These sectors are shown only in the application, during normal work they are not shown, so you should remember this selected simple gesture.
I think that any person can find one suitable gesture from these five.