S^4 Xeon 1.7 Cooked Firmware
Cooked Firmware based on Symbian Belle leaked version (111.030.0607)

ChangeLog "1.7-25/11/2011"

Integrated Apps:
RomPatcher+ 3.1
Guardian Free Edition 3.0:
Not active by default
Best ScreenSnap 3.01
WinRar 1.01+Plugin
Nokia Store 3.18.036
TweakS (See Extra Items for more info)
Processes removed from startup:
Photo/Video/Music Gallery:
-Search of multimedia contents more fast
-Continuous Autofocus (Video Mode->Only Macro)
-Extended digital zoom
-Zoom using volume keys
-Records video @30Fps
-Disabled camera process from background
-Off Option in Camera Tone Menu
-Received files stored in E:\FilesBT\
Startup Animations:
-All animations are editable in C:\Animations\
- splashscreen.mif: Boot Image
- Startup.mbm : Animated Startup Image
- sysap.mif : Shutdown Image
- Sound.aac: Startup sound
-ShortMultiTap (Long-Press/Double character)
-T9 Database stored in E:\Predic\
-4 pages of extra symbols
Menu :
-New reorganization of Icons and Folders
-Nokia Maps 3.08(139)
System Mods:
-Disabled Active Diverts Note
-New item in Shutdown menu: "Reboot" with Logo
-Web Browser cache in E:\System\Cache\ @22MB
-Global heap size 32MB
-Mod Kinetic Scrolling
-Installserver integrated in Z:
-English(Default) and Italian Languages(also T9) Only
-Swicertstore 20 Caps (FreeSignCert)
-Fota Cache disabled
-SwiPolicy Mod (All Capabilities)
-New GUI-Effects management
-OpenGL ES2.0 for Theme Effects
-Voice Recorder: High Quality Audio/12 hours in E drive
-Music Player Volume @ 85%
-Max Homescreen to add: 6
-Tactile Feedback improved
-Screen Rotation improved
-FM Transmitter RDS: Nokia N8
-FPS Videocall improved
-Voice Commands sensibility improved
-Popup management improved
-XcapCache Mod
-System cache improved in C:/E:/F:
-Opening/closing apps speed improved
-Ability to edit/add Presets EQ
-Rar files can be opened by File Manager
-Ability to delete first Homescreen
-Adobe Reader pre-configured
-Ability to disable JAVA permissions
-Social Removed
-Welcome Screen e Sms MyNokia disabled
-Auto-Scan Wlan Off
-Send protected files from BT/Messaging/File Manager
-Mod edit Log Duration
-Qt Quick Components 1.0.1 integrated
-QT Library 4.7.4
-System Wallpapers in Photo Gallery
-Log Wlan/GPRS
-New installed apps in "New Apps" Folder
-Directory Theme Effects C:\Animations\Effects
-New Theme Effects
-(Dialer)Long Press Key 0 0=Opening File Manager
-(Dialer)Long Press Key * *=Opening RomPatcher+
-Photo & Video editor integrated
-Removed Popup:
+ Bluetooth in Offline Mode
+ WLAN in Offline Mode
+ FM Trans. in Offline Mode
-Popup Widget "Allow access to network" removed
-Alarm Duration 1 minute (editable with TweakS)
-Ability to resume download from Web Browser
-Ability to resume download from Web Browser
-Call Summary and Call duration ON
+BestScreenSnap 3.01:
-CameraKey@Jpeg HQ
+New Mod files in E:\Tool\ after flash
-HSTextMod (Delete Homescreen Text Icon)
-ModProfileWidget (Profile Widget Transparent)
-CameraLevel (See Extra Items)
ID Folders for Theme Maker:
"Applications" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x2174
"Tools" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x13FF
"Navigation" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x1EAB
"Games" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x1977
"Media" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x1448
"New Apps" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x13FD
"Office" Major ID:0x101F86E3 Minor ID:0x1EAD
-New Widgets added:
+ My Location
+ Clock analogue 8x6
+ Transparent Clock


Supported Devices and Info Firmware
Nokia N8 (RM-596)
Firmware: 111.030.0607 (Belle)

Firmware Download Link

Il.Socio,Coderus,Taylor and other...

Extra Items

Belle Pack Apps
Shazam (From Belle UDA)
Nokia Social Network

Default Effects

QuickOffice 6.4.6 (From Belle UDA)

Camera Level 3.0.1

Level 1:65-80-90/30Fps@12,5Mbps
Level 2:70-85-95/30Fps@13Mbps
Level 3:75-90-100/30Fps@13,5Mbps
Xeon Original:70-85-100/30Fps@13,5
Nota: After install reboot phone

Directory Plugins:


(Advanced Alarm settings)
(Advanced Keylock settings)
(Advanced Display settings.)
(You can edit directory of Startup Animations Files)
(You can edit General Profile name)
(Edit System Volume)
(Enable/Disable Fota cache)