Best CallRecorder v1.07(0) s60v3v5 s^1^3 anna belle UnSigned Full OVI version Retail by vutaikt

This is a fully customizable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Unobtrusive and easy to use.Depending on how you configure the program, the recording may take place automatically or, if you call, the request will be made - whether to start recording the conversation. Records of conversations are stored with an indication of all the information that can only be: the name of the caller's telephone number, date of call, duration of recording. In addition, you can set up rules to keep the incoming and / or outgoing calls from known / unknown numbers. The program is very convenient and easy to use.


* "No beep" recording option;
* Automatic recording of voice calls, optionally limited or unlimited in time;
* User defined storage memory for recorded conversations;
* Custom rules allowing to automate call recording for different phone numbers and call directions;
* Small memory and battery usage;
* Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface;

Main view

* To have Best CallRecorder saving only those phone conversations you need, select Rules command from menu and set the rules according to your requirements;
* Open settings and customize the options you need;
* Activate Best CallRecorder by Joystick click;

Records view

The records view of Best CallRecorder shows all phone conversation records. Here you can listen to those records, delete them and get detailed information about a record.

Change log:

New in Best Call Recorder v.1.07:
Issue with missing contact name in "Ask to record" dialog is fixed

Its full version.Don't need reg code. ^^

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