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Thread: tips on Extracting & Repackaging games for Playbook

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    iPmart tips on Extracting & Repackaging games for Playbook

    Quote Originally Posted by demitri View Post
    i have a backup .... but i dont know how to extract it... here is the links to download the backup... hopefully someone can make a .bar file from it
    Thanks a lot.

    Allow me to simplify and conclude the way of sharing a purchased app as a install-able "*.bar" file from your Playbook which irsaniman shared in another thread:
    1. Backup using BlackBerry Desktop Software, and locate the *.bbb file.
    2. Unpack the *.bbb file as a zip archive, and you'll get "Archive/app.tar" from the archive.
    3. Unpack the app.tar, and you'll find many "gYAB********" folders under the unpacked "/app/" directory.
    4. Find "MANIFEST.MF" recursively under these folders. They are text files contain info about application packages.
    5. When you have found the "MANIFEST.MF" which belongs to the app you want to share, you'll notice that it's under a "*/bin/META-INF" directory structure.
    6. Goto "*/bin" (Go up one folder level), and there are one folder named "META-INF" and another folder named "native" or "air" (or possibly other names in the future if the app was compiled using other SDK by its developer).
    7. Make a zip archive out of these two folders, and rename the extension to "bar".

    In the case of Dead Space, it's even simpler. I just find the largest folder under the "/app/" directory, so there's no need to check "MANIFEST.MF" files.

    By the way, I recommend using 7-zip to pack or unpack if you're under Windows. You can just unpack any file regardless of it's extension.

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