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Thread: (Theme Effects) New effects for S^3 Belle only by jlmvc

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    Default (Theme Effects) New effects for S^3 Belle only by jlmvc (16.02.2012)

    Hey everyone,

    I finally upgraded to Belle...again, so I decided to update my effects for Belle. I have tweaked them a little as you will see in the video. Let me know if you have any problems with the effects.

    Thanks to andrenlsbr for some ideas and his great work and to everyone who has contributed to the Symbian effect scene

    You can drop them in a custom firmware or follow one of the tutorials for adding effects to Belle.

    1. Your phone should be hacked.
    2. (a) You can use them in rofs2 in a CFW in resources\effects or
    (b)You can edit Z:\Resource\Effects\
    Open file with editor like notepad; find the line "z:\resource\effects" and change it to "c:\effects".
    Then add this modified file to rofs2, repack and reflash with phoenix in "update software" so you don't lose any data.
    (c) Change the effects location by adding a modded aknskinsrv.dll, put the effects wherever your mod points to, and auto-activate the c2zbin patch (with domainserv) in rompatcher if necessary.
    3. You need to reboot your phone before they take effect.

    There are tutorials out there explaining how to apply these effects. Here is one awesome tutorial
    I hope you all enjoy my efforts. Let me know what you think.

    Here is the video. Sorry about the bad quality. I only have a webcam to use. Let me know what you think.

    UPDATE! (16.02.2012)
    Here are my new effects! Smooth effects v2.1. I wanted effects that were functional and pleasing to the eye. Hope I succeeded and you like them. Also I have updated my original Belle effects to v1.3. I just fixed a couple of things
    Let me know what you guys think.

    Video for v1.3

    Video for Smooth Effects v2.1

    Here are the links

    Belle effects v1.3 - Secured URL
    New Smooth Belle effects v2.1 - Secured URL
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