Heavy Metal CyberScramble®

Ready to hyperlink your head to a hard drive? Heavy Metal CyberScramble®, is an in your face, interface, of software, songs, speed and greed! Put Heavy Metal CyberScramble® in your ear and open your mind to your favorite Heavy Metal Music. Play it, guess it, wage it, win it! Once you’ve downloaded your CyberScramble app, be sure, and go to the INFO PAGE & DOWNLOAD ALL of your FREE CONTESTS!!

CyberScramble® was born on local radio; now Heavy Metal CyberScramble® is available on your iPhone and your iPad. Been lookin’ for a Heavy Metal mind twister, you just found it. Play one or play all, see who’s willing to put their money, where their mouth is, and who really knows their Heavy Metal Music. CyberScramble’s addiction can fill a room of your favorite eight, anytime, anywhere. Heavy Metal CyberScramble® and all of your favorite CyberScramble® Music Games will soon be playable on your BIG SCREEN TV! Shake or rotate your device to discover cool new game skins. Once you’ve purchased and downloaded CyberScramble®, all of your additional downloadable song contests are FREE. We appreciate your support and thank you very much.
What's new in Version 1.1
Miscellaneous enhancements plus a reminder to download extra song contests for FREE!

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