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Thread: [CFW] RM-505 v22.110 Hegazy N97-C6 v13.09 Final Version - Last Update


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    New [CFW] RM-505 v22.110 Hegazy N97-C6 v13.09 Final Version - Last Update

    This Is The Final Version

    All Bugs Fixed

    FM Transmitter Is Not Working

    Improvements :

    1- Changed Boot Screen
    2- Improved And Fixed Cache Issues
    3- Fixed TTpod Install
    4- Add New Patches ( Install Server 1.4 With No Built In Error Messages - Save Clipboard After Reboot )
    5- Removed Photo Browser
    6- Removed Acc Switcher
    7- Disabled Voice Command From Auto Start ( More Ram )
    8- Moving Browser Cache To "E"

    That's All Thanks For Every One Supported Me

    This is Was The Final Version For N97 RM-505 22.0.110 Custom Firmware Created By Mohamad Hegazy Member Of mEnCFW Team .

    Thanks To,,

    And Patches creators , Modders , Splash Makes

    Secured URL

    Latest Qt Full 4.7.3 "Repacked To E" By Mohamad Hegazy


    For Latest Qt Mobility 1.1.1(3)


    Password : MohamadHegazy ( Caps Characters Is Used ) Please Copy And Past It

    Please Do This Before Post Bugs

    Delete " Sys, System, Resource, Private, Data " Folders From Mass Memory Before Flashing

    Flash Your Phone After Flashing Don't Switch On Your Phone Just Do Hard Reset " Format "

    Then Done Leave The Phone For 3 Min While Installing 12 App

    God Bless All Of You
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