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Thread: [CFW] RM-505 v22.110 Hegazy Final Ulitame C6-N97 v13.0 !!!

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    New [CFW] RM-505 v22.110 Hegazy Final Ulitame C6-N97 v13.0 !!!

    this is Hegazy Final Ultimate v13.0

    All Bugs Fixed

    1- Re Added Icons And Fixed Menu Layout
    2- Integrated The Latest Music Lyrics Support
    3- Reboost Over All preformance
    4- Integrated The Latest Nokia Ovi Maps 3.6 (637)
    5- Added +4 Sets For Music EQ
    6- Added Swipe To Change The Writing Languages Application
    7- Updated Screen Snap To Latest version 3.1
    8- Added Camera Pro Latest version 2.1.5
    9- Latest RanBlow 1.30 (Ovi Version )
    10- Added Photo Flow v2.01
    11- Removed Install Server Patch And Used Rom Patcher Patches Instead ( Now You Can Use Nokia Smart Installer Put Before Install Any Thing Using Online Installer Like Nokia Smart Installer Please Disable Install Server Patch During Installation Process ).
    12- Fixed Messages And Browser Bugs In Arabic Languages
    13- New And Improved WIFI Sensitivity Thanks To The Creator (Less Disconnection - More Powerful )
    14- Added Torch Application
    15- Simple Nokia Original Boot Screen Without Sound And Gif Image
    16- Removed FM Transmitter Widget from Home Screen Widgets
    17- Now Backup Moved To E Drive No Need To Buy External Memory Card We Already Have 32GB Space !!! Exclusive By Mohamad Hegazy
    18- New Premium Effects Enjoy It
    19- Much More Inside Just Check it

    This Is The Last version For Nokia N97 Phones From Mohamad Hegazy So Enjoy Using My Versions And Nice To Know You All

    Please make Sure You Know That My Latest Versions Wast

    1- Hegazy Ultimate N97 v10.0 (Original Firmware 22.0.110RM- 505 / 506 / 507 )
    2- Hegazy Final Ultimate N97-C6 v13.0 (C6 Port Based On C6 v40.0.21 RM-505 Only)

    Secured URL To Download v13.0

    Mediafire Password :mohamadhegazy ( No Spaces - No Caps Characters ) Please Copy And Past It
    Zip Password:MohamadHegazy ( Caps Characters ) Please Copy And Past It

    For Latest Qt Full Package 4.7.3 "Repacked To E" By Mohamad Hegazy Secured URL
    For Latest Qt Mobility 1.1.1(3) Secured URL

    Password : MohamadHegazy ( Caps Characters Is Used ) Please Copy And Past It

    Every Thing Is Working Smoothly Thanks And God Bless You All

    Feel Free To Publish My Work And Post It But Please Don't Change Download Links
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