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Thread: Galaxy S II [GUIDE] ClockWorkMod recovery + Root - MUST READ!!!

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    For Mobile Galaxy S II [GUIDE] ClockWorkMod recovery + Root - MUST READ!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I 'll cut to the chase immediately.


    1. So far we all know, that in order to use the ellusive extra features of SGS II, we must apply root.

    If we have a custom rom, then we definitely have root because of the modified kernel that is included in the rom. If we have a stock rom, we must flash a custom made kernel which will give us root.

    2. The best kernel for this purpose is CF-Root, made by master chef Chainfire. It does what it says. It provides root and some other extraordinairy features, that they can do only good!

    CF-Root is based each time on the latest stock kernel from Samsung.

    CF-Root is flashed only through odin.

    A quote from developer itself:

    This rooted kernel is for the "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root takes the kernel from an original Samsung firmware, and just adds root, busybox, and ClockWorkMod (CWM4) recovery

    THIS IS NOT A ROM - it is only a modified kernel. You need to have the relevant firmware already on your device. You do NOT need to wipe anything for this patch. You DO need to read the instructions. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST!

    - The kernel is fully stock and taken from the original firmware, with just the following added:
    - Root
    - Superuser
    - Busybox v1.16.2androidminimal (from CWM)
    - Integrated CWM
    BUT with CF-Root we also get the famous ClockWorkMod recovery, from now on CWM.

    3. CWM replaces the stock recovery of SGS II. Through that, all custom roms are flashed. It is the only way. So if you want to flash any custom rom you must have CWM. It is accessed the same way stock recovery is accessed: volume down + home button + on/off button.

    CWM is included in every custom kernel and so it comes with every custom rom.

    If you have a custom rom and want to flash another custom rom, you can definitely do it cause you allready have CWM. But if you 're on a stock rom, you must flash first CF-Root in order to get CWM.

    Another quote from the developer himself:

    CF-Root includes a custom version of CWM4. I always make custom versions, as the originals often do not take some Samsung specific things into account.

    CF-Root/CWM4 is NOT compatible with ROM Manager! Manage/perform your backup/restores from CWM directly or using the CWM Manager application included with CF-Root

    - Booting into recovery will immediately give you CWM. The standard recovery will only be started if a Samsung package is detected.

    4. In addition with CF-Root comes one of the handiest apps made by an xda developer, the CWM Manager. Here's the original quote from the developer himself:

    CWM Manager
    Because of incompatibility with ROM Manager, I wrote and included "CWM Manager". This is a new app (as of March 30, 2011). You can find it under Applications -> CWM. It is much faster to use than manually booting into CWM and selecting these options.

    - Boot to CWM
    - Backup firmware
    - Restore backups
    - Delete backups
    - Install APKs
    - Flash CWM3/4's
    - Flash kernels (zImage, zImage in TAR, zImage in ZIP, zImage in TAR in ZIP) - without changing warning triangle status or increasing flash counter

    Note: If you flash a different kernel, CWM Manager may remain installed. However, functions may not work, because they need kernel compatibility ! At this version of CWM Manager this does not produce errors, it just doesn't do what you expect it to.

    Help! Which file do I use ?

    Listen closely, for I will say zis only once!

    Go to Settings -> About phone -> Kernel Version. Note the string present there:

    What matters most (KG1) in this case, is in bold. Try to find the matching file under downloads:

    The XX and OXA identifiers are not that important. Usually a "KG1" kernel is a "KG1" kernel, and that is that. Sometimes (pretty rare) it happens there will be multiple different kernels with the same name in different firmwares, that are actually different. If this happens, they are usually only very minor changes and you should expect them to still be fully compatible. I include the "XX" and "OXA" identifiers so the very advanced users can deduce from which full firmware I have taken the kernel file.

    Don't worry too much, just find the matching download and use it. What if there is no matching download ? You can ask me to make one, but I can tell you right now, I very very rarely make CF-Root's for kernels on request, unless it is the very latest kernel that has been released by Samsung. In the latter case, be sure to let me know. If there's no match and I'm not making one, try finding the closest match. You should treat "KG1" as a number, but instead of 1-9, we have 1-9, A-Z (where A would be 10, and Z would be 35). "KG2" is really close to "KG1", "KF1" is not close to "KG1" at all. I hope that makes sense.

    That should be all, that you must know in order to flash custom roms, themes, kernels, other important updates etc. Everything through CWM!!!

    You just put the file, that is something like: '''', in the root of sd card and when you boot on CWM you select:

    Install zip from sd card > Choose zip from sd card and find the appropriate file!

    ***You select with home button and move back with on/off button.

    Step to the next post! >>>

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