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Thread: Galaxy S II [ROM] CriskeloRom - BREATHTAKING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

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    For Mobile Galaxy S II [ROM] CriskeloRom - BREATHTAKING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I don't provide support for this rom since 6/11/2011.

    I have the pleasure to present my first rom for SGS2 !

    Any questions about the rom? How to install it? Please read the FAQ !

    Any question about Jkay mod and settings ?
    You will find this illustrated tutorial thanks @Thialala !

    V29.1 Base Rom XWKJ1 2.3.5

    LINK Update CriskeloROM V29.1 (Install v29 + V29.1)

    Secured URL

    Secured URL

    Arabic Patch V29 XWKJ1 2.3.5 (Samsung and Swype Keyboard + Browser + Gmail)
    Secured URL

    Applications that are missing from the system folder (TW4 Unchanged) OK FOR KI4
    Secured URL

    This is a CWM flashable zip file.

    So you MUST read here, in order to understand how to flash it:!!!



    Update CriskeloRom V29.1

    * With the new application naming RoleTube automatically downloaded videos (thanks to @julianico)
    * And of course the solution to the talkback Keyboard FC

    V29 Base Rom XWKJ1 2.3.5

    Base Rom V29 XWKJ1
    * Root + Busybox
    * Deodexed
    * Zipaligned
    * New application to select 25 funds wallpapers interesting
    * Included My subject
    * Wifi color signal
    * Astronaut Boot Animation
    * No incremental tone
    * Transparent in the shade of notifications and Logo criskelo
    * Progress bar + tuned volume
    * Animation of old TV off
    * Transition Animations
    * Battery circular%
    * App with option to download YouTube (download remains. "Mp4" on Download, you should rename to see the video)
    * More wallpapers GalleryCriskelo
    * New Market
    On by default * Call Recording
    * Photo of extended contact
    * Camera Hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / - focuses Mantero drop down takes the picture) not only for video capture
    * Camera Hacked MOD (Better sound 64kbps/16khz -192kbps/44.1Khz compared to standard)
    * Hosts updated to remove apps and web advertising
    * Added multilanguage T9 Dictionary
    * Backup of EFS during flashing folder in / sdcard / EFS_BACKUP By @ Intronaut
    * Removed the need to activate roaming on Spanish MVNO (Telstra, Pepephone, etc.).
    * ROM version is added in Settings / About phone
    * Removed Sound to Pulzer + / - Volume (bother to take pictures)
    * Added in SDCARD / CRISKELO-ADDONS (SCRIPT to make your rom is lite) installed by CWM just like a ROM or MOD
    * Added AppWidgetPicker (Groups Widgets for alternative application launchers)
    * Added Font pack in SDCARD / CRISKELO-ADDONS (apk installed as a normal) Thanks to Syps54
    * Added Mod for SMS are not shown in the call log.
    * Retouching icons of the graphics in Browser, Email etc. ..
    * New Look for the calculator Thanks to @ syps54
    * Pack of icons JKay in sdcard / criskelo-addons and more Thanks to @ syps54
    * Sdcard / criskelo-addons are optional updates, DialPad3D,
    * New Walpapers In tw app samsung Thanks to @ syps54
    * Fix applied CRT
    * New re armed Phone.apk from zero (no tone PhotoContact enlarged + incremental) and No Auto Rotate
    * 2 new sources thanks to @ josechufa
    * New systemUI (fixed some aesthetic details) PNGs @ Syps
    * New Mod v12.1 Jkay
    * Status bar 7, 6 and 12 toggles (change from Deluxe options settings)

    Features in v12.1 (bold is added since v11):
    * Added: Auto collapse statusbar on/off
    * Added: 6 button quick panel on/off
    * Removed padding code from sound toggle
    * Changed the default shortcuts on lock screen (now only Unlock and Sound toggle at center, so glass left, right and up will all be unlock and down will be silent)
    * Added Flashlight toggle to quick panel (it keeps screen on! So remember to turn it off using button or power button)
    * Added Auto brightness toggle to quick panel
    * Added Secure toggle to quick panel (your unlock screen will switch to your selected lock screen while not secure)
    * Fixed vibration toggle on quick panel and Phone options dialog (now switches correctly according to vibration state: always off, always on, only in silent mode, only if not in silent mode)
    * Toggle for Deluxe quick panel (requires reboot, if off then it's only the 5 stock quick panel buttons that are shown)
    * Toggle for Bluetooth On notification
    * Toggle for status bar vibrate icon (show only when in silent mode)
    * Toggle for lock screen charging info
    * Toggle for lock screen next alarm info
    * Toggle for lock screen date
    * 'Next Alarm' information on lock screens
    * Use AOSP clock style on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
    * Long date format on all deluxe lock screens (like Monday, 26 September as a toggle)
    * Charging information on all deluxe lock screens
    * Center clock, date and charging info on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
    * 2 lock screens (JKay Glass Deluxe and JKay AOSP Deluxe)
    * Support for Transparent wallpaper!
    * Support for Live Wallpapers on Unlock screens (pattern/pin/password)!
    * A toggle to remove leading zero of the clock on the lock screen
    * A toggle to remove the quick button text (requires reboot)
    * A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    * A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    * A toggle to hide the clock from statusbar (move it over next to date, requires reboot)
    * A toggle to remove the carrier label from the notification bar (requires reboot)
    * 'Show lock screen when secure' toggle (shows AOSP/Glass lockscreen before unlock screen aka pattern/pin/password)
    * Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys when screen is off (as a toggle)
    * 15 seconds timeout... (as a toggle)
    * Flashlight on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens (5 mins timeout)
    * Sound on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lock screens
    * Screenshot from the Power options dialog
    * Full charge notification on/off toggle
    * Low battery notification on/off toggle
    * Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
    * Correctly colored overscroll glow pngs (for the overscroll glow users out there )
    * Support for custom launch actions from lock screens
    * Support for custom icons on JKay AOSP Deluxe lock screen
    * Support for disabling Home button double click
    * Support for home screen wallpaper on lock screen (use live wallpapers on the lock screen like on the good old SGS!)
    * Support for lock screen clock on/off
    * Support for no Unlock animation
    * Long click quick panel buttons will launch respective settings menu
    * Horizontal scrollable quick panel with 4 new toggles Data / Flight mode / Sync and Vibrate
    * Support for Vibrate on/off when unlocking
    * Support for Dark background on/off
    * Supports customizable Power Options Dialog
    * Supports SIP & VOIP
    * Support for WiFi statusbar icon change when fully connected

    * New Tab Christ in the lockscreen thanks to @ SYPS
    * New icons for mod Jkay Thanks A @ SYPS See Here
    * In-AddOns Criskelo application is setting Jkay Deluxe (English / Spanish) (it is important first of all uninstall the old one)
    * Added app (homeMYhome.apk) lets you select which application opens when you double-click on the HOME button for @ C3K
    * New Waplapers pack for @ SYPS
    * New Ringtones, alarm sounds and notifications
    * Updated SUPERUSER.apk and Binaries
    * Updated Flash Player 11
    * Updated Google maps
    * The file is added. Nomedia Jkay the icons to prevent display in gallery
    And much more I can not remember

    Themes (Stock Theme, Criskelo Theme and Oters)

    MODs Batteries and other

    2º Post



    @ LeoMar75 Idea odex Frameworks
    @ designgears I ahoore some time taking some mods
    @ intronauta to share their knowledge and information
    @ Miorat for your time and help with the design and totoriales of this thread
    Luis manson for space on the servers of GrupoAndroid
    Chainfire, @ SuperCurio
    To all the developers who share information and successesdesinteresádament
    And all of you, you help testing and reporting greatly Failures and Successes of the ROM. All help is welcome to improve.



    All credits to Criscelo and to the other developers mentioned at the end of this post.

    None of the liks are mine, respect to the developers.
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