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Thread: Galaxy GIO GT-S5660 GioPRO v1.2 Android 2.3.4

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    Default Galaxy GIO GT-S5660 GioPRO v1.2 Android 2.3.4

    [Custom Rom] Galaxy GIO GT-S5660 GioPRO v1.2 Android 2.3.4

    Before you start flashing very recomended you create ext2 partition on your sdcard
    Partition can be create using Partition Wizard, download Secured URL
    Step to create partition.
    1. Inset your SD Card to card reader (donot use phone)
    2. Run Partition Wizard
    3. Right click on SDCard select Move/Resize
    4. Select your partition size
    5. Click OK
    6. Right click on unallocated space
    7. Click Create
    8. It will show a warning, click yes
    9. Choose Create as Primary
    10. Patrition type Ext2
    11. Cluster size 4Kb
    12. Click Ok
    13. Click Apply
    14. Done
    15. Now insert the SD Card to your phone

    Flashing Instruction:
    1. Turn off your phone
    2. PressHome + Volume [-] + Power button until it show downloading...
    2. Connect your phone to PC
    3. Run ODIN and insert all needed file
    [CODE]OPS = GIO_v1.0.ops
    Boot = APBOOT_S5660XXKPA_CL258140_REV03_user_low_true.tar .md5
    Phone = MODEM_S5660XXKP7_CL258140_REV03.tar.md5
    PDA = PDA_GIOPRO_v1.1_CL258140_REV03.tar.md5
    CSC = GT-S5660-csc-SERKP4.tar.md5[/CODE]
    4. Click Start and wait until your phone reboot.
    5. To start a2sd run this commang using ADB and wait until your phone reboot
    [CODE]adb shell
    a2sd cachesdreset
    6. If you want an extreem a2sd add this command
    [CODE]a2sd datasd[/CODE]
    7. Done.

    To start CRT Animation:
    Setting > Display > Animation > Select "All animations"

    Whats new:

    GioPro v1.2
    • Base on S5660XXKQ6
    • MIUI Music
    • Maps 5.8.0 WITH NAVIGATION
    • New Market
    • SuperUser 3.0
    • Blue Theme
    • Minor bug fix

    GIOPRO v1.1
    • Added A2SD GUI
    • Camera image quality tweak
    • Batery life & performance tweak
    • Touch menu button to unlock screen
    • CRT Animation when screen lock
    • Added 3 new fonts
    • Batery notification by %
    • Unwanted app removed (AllShare, Stock Clock, Dual Clock Widget, Book Store, Music Store, Hangman)

    GioPro v1.0
    • Base S5660XXKPA
    • GINGERBREAD 2.3.3
    • Deodexed
    • a2sd darktremor enabled
    • Rooted
    • Added some Live Wallpaper
      Polar Clock
    • Added some App
      Google Maps 5.6.0
    • Added boot animation with sound
    • Removed some unwanted App

    Download Link:
    Secured URL

    Secured URL

    Secured URL
    Note :
    -Do not extract the tar archive, this is one package firmware.
    -Very recomended to do factory reset before using this ROM.

    Secured URL
    Mirror 1 : Secured URL
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