Stay on top of all your commitments and get things done with Viira!

Based on David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD), Viira is the first app to let you consolidate your email, SMS messages, appointments, events, projects and contexts in one truly mobile organizational system.

Viira comes with a free trial, so give it a try and see how Viira can help you harness the power of GTD on your BlackBerry!

With Viira you can:
- Keep 100% of your commitments in a trusted portable GTD system that is always at your fingertips.
- Organize your tasks, emails, SMS messages and appointments by project, context (location) and even day.
- Add incoming email to your GTD organizational system and never forget to respond to an important email again!
- Organize your SMS messages: Make sure nothing imporrtant sent via SMS slips through the cracks! Create a SMS Viira task directly from your BlackBerry Inbox, file it in Viira classification system and even reply or view the senders contact card - without leaving Viira.
- Designate Next Actions for each project, context or day
- Delegate via email: Send instructions and to-do lists, provice step-by-step directions and even email shopping lists to your spouse/s.o.
- Order your tasks by using the VolumeUp and VolumeDown keys.
- No network connection required so you can stay productive in areas with little or no coverage
- And so much more!

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