ArtCarbon HD

ArtCarbon HD is a theme designed for devices with screen Retinal Display [iPhone4/iPodTouch4] is an excellent topic that pruned to give a completely different look to your SprimgBoard, the icons of this theme are cylindrical in shape which makes it very original, the theme is very good ligeroy has a very cool weather widget includes PSD . It is a great subject

To activate the theme

Unzip the zip and put the folders separately via ssh to Route

Library / Themes
And activity with WinterBoard

To configure the widget

They should go to the theme folder

HD ArtCarbon Weather / Weather
And open the file

In the line where it says

var locale =
They should put their city code, only numbers, no letters, the code found here

Yahoo! weather C3% A9xico-133 480 /
For example, in Mexico would be well

var locale = 133480

Secured URL