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    Default iOS Lion

    iOS Lion

    iOS Lion is a beautiful theme for Dreamboard that uses design from OS X Lion and yet retains the simplicity and ease of use of IOS.
    • Scrolling Dock with badges
    • Scroll between Launchpad and Game stack on dock
    • Launchpad with blur effect
    • Editable Game stack
    • Apple, File and Edit Menus with shortcuts to many apps as well as badges
    • Camera button on menu bar for easy quick access
    • Ability to toggle status bar on and off and menu bar will automatically scroll up or down depending on how you like it
    • Enter Edit mode from within theme
    • Color switcher for the ability to change to a dark themed user interface
    • Color switcher allows you to change different parts of the user interface color separately for any customization and mix and match that you want
    • Wallpaper changer to change between 6 different light wallpapers and 6 dark wallpapers
    • Donation copy will receive 6 alternate dark and light wallpapers to choose from as well as the PSD to create their own menu icons and folder icons
    • Dashboard icon on menu bar to bring up web widget, press the bookmarks to navigate to the 5 different websites with the widget. Websites included: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Modmyi, and Slickdeals
    • Press the finder icon on the dock to bring up the finder window
    • Finder window includes 6 folders, 5 of which are editable. Folder names are: Apps, Favorites, Games, Social, Misc and Settings
    • Guide dots on finder window to tell you which folder is currently open
    • Guide dots on color switcher to tell you which parts of the interface are set to dark theme

    Note: The newest version of Dreamboard is required for this theme to work. Also if you have the status bar toggled off, the status bar will reappear after unlocking your screen or after quitting an app. All you have to do is tap the wallpaper and it will disappear again.

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