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Thread: [Gameloft] Cowboys & Aliens (by kriker)

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    Smile [Gameloft] Cowboys & Aliens (by kriker)

    Cowboys & Aliens (Gameloft by kriker)

    Discover the Wild West like you never saw it! Saddle up as Zeke and ready your six-shooter, lasso and… space rifle. Defend the human race against an alien invasion in this varied platformer where you’ll to experience thrilling gun fights with an impressive arsenal and ride horses, bulls and even alien bikes. Explore canyons, a Wild West city, trains and an alien spaceship to send the invaders back into the depths of space.

    - The official game of the acclaimed comic book Cowboys & Aliens!
    - Play as Zeke and meet all the comic book characters: Verity, War Hawk and the terrible Rado Dar.
    - This fast-paced action game will allow you to experience thrilling platforming and gun fights.
    - Explore 4 different environments: canyons, Wild West city, trains and a spaceship.

    - A huge arsenal is at your disposal, from pistols and rifles to powerful alien weapons.
    - Ride horses, bulls and even space bikes.


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