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Thread: Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD v1.xx (updated 3/3/2012)

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    New Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD v1.xx (updated 3/3/2012)

    Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD v1.x.x

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    Requirements: Android

    Overview: Become Ayden, a young hero chosen by the god Uryah to save the kingdom of Lasgalen from the Apocalypse.
    Plunge into the most ambitious Action RPG ever released Become Ayden, a young hero chosen by the god Uryah to save the kingdom of Lasgalen from the Apocalypse. Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is an amazing adventure in a world that will fascinate you for countless hours.

    A TIMELESS LEGEND - The peace of the world is now being threatened. Reunite the 4 fragments of Uryah’s Grail and gain supernatural powers to defeat Amonbane, the dark lord at the heart of Lasgalen’s suffering. - The fight against the demonic Amonbane will mean difficult decisions for Ayden, and Princess Lyanora will help him throughout. But when the moment comes to save the world, will Ayden be ready to make the greatest sacrifice?

    AN EPIC ADVENTURE IN A FANTASTIC OPEN WORLD - Ride your horse, Miya, across the expansive plains of the kingdom and launch powerful sword strikes as you gallop through fields of enemies. Your journey will introduce you to many locations and foes. - Defeat evil creatures in the Plains of Urvale, fend off enormous bosses in the icy Temple of Altemagus and the volcanic Firepitch Keep to ultimatelyfaceAmonbane himself in the royal halls of Kivira Castle.

    ALL THE GREATNESS OF A TRUE ACTION/RPG - Begin your journey with but a simple sword, acquiring new weapons and abilities along the way. Soon, you will wield theSacred Shield,Locrian Hawk (boomerang), the Nagual Cobra (grappling hook) and even the platinum Gauntlet of Brakor. - Each new piece of equipment will grant you accessto new areas, new techniques and greater danger. They will even help you to overcome the many enigmas and challenges you face..

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    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Raise_of_Ayden_HD_1.0.1_All_Adr eno_Android_2.2.apk
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    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Raise_of_Ayden_HD_HTC_Desire_Z_ 1.0.1.apk
    Secured URL

    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Raise_of_Ayden_HD_LG_P990_Optim us_2x_1.0.2.apk
    Secured URL

    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Raise_of_Ayden_HD_Samsung_GTP10 00_Galaxy_Tab_1.0.0.apk
    Secured URL

    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Raise_of_Ayden_HD_Sony_Ericsson _Xperia_Play_1.0.1.apk
    Secured URL

    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Rise_of_Ayden_HD_Samsung_GTi900 0_1.0.3.apk
    Secured URL

    Sacred_Odyssey_The_Rise_of_Ayden_HD_1.0.3_PowerVR_ Cracked_tag3r.apk
    Secured URL
    Links by oktus

    All versions / apk + SD /
    sd card Data location ( SD\gameloft\games\GloftSOHP)

    Secured URL

    Sacred Odyssey The Rise of_Ayden HD 1.0.3 PowerVR Cracked tag3r.apk

    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    by nonamenix

    Sony_Ericsson_Xperia_Play_android_v1.0.6_Cracked_T wingo
    Secured URL

    by hoomey

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