hi all new to this forum so dont know if the right thread sry if not..
anyways wonder if you guys could help me decide.
iphone 4 or samsung galaxy s 2 or wait for iphone 5..
i am really torn in which to choose used to have iphone 3gs and never had an android before but heard thre are really good..
i,m not really looking for camera or video all tho would be good but mostly apps and games..
now i have purchased and downloaded quite a few iphone apps and love the ease of use etc etc and the choice and no picking which one to get..
i have noticed in the android games section that there is a lot of things to consider before getting a game or app i.e which chip it supports sd file cache files etc etc..
is it really worth the hassle of all that when the iphone is so simple and for example there was a game out the other day on here spiderman something that didn't even support android hummingbird i think or thats what i read..
and if i get the new samsung 2 will i have to wait for the games and apps to be reconverted for that chipset..
i no the sg2 has dual core but there arnt excatly gunna make games for them and tell all the sg1 and iphone 4 ppl tough it wont run on yours buy a new phone so thats not important really...
anyways for thanks for reading hope you can help