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Thread: X-Calibur v3 - Pearl 3G 91xx/Kepler 9300/Onyx 9700/Delta 9780/Torch 9800 HYBRID

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    New X-Calibur v3 - Pearl 3G 91xx/Kepler 9300/Onyx 9700/Delta 9780/Torch 9800 HYBRID

    Yet another hybrid series from BBBlueZone, this hybrid's system read is attached.

    X-Calibur v3 Multi Device specs:

    Complete mods of file .alx , .cod , dan .sfi
    Hybrid composed of: .522/.524/.526/.534/OS
    Platform :
    Help Screen : (2391)
    About Screen :

    The advantage over any Leaked/Official :

    Battery, memory, browser and performance improvements.
    Include read & write CJK (No Support Input Japan due to the SFI used).
    BlackBerry Messenger Hybrid for smoother scrolling
    Faster booting time
    Only English is supplied
    Included 3rd Apps provided you have the serial keys etc.
    Loadable Secured URL
    Loadable Secured URL likes arial, courier, times, trebuchet, verdana, georgia, and tahoma.
    DocumentsToGo & PDFToGo can be downloaded Secured URL.
    Loadable Emoji Font, tick the box to install.

    3rd Apps that comes with the hybrid:

    App World v2.1.1.2
    Blackberry Messenger Hybrid Pongkite V2,
    Blackberry Maps v6.0.0.31
    BlackBerry Protect v1.0.10.25
    Bis Client/Email Setup v6.11.0324.1701
    Facebook v1.9.0.28
    Twitter v1.1.0.24
    Yahoo Messenger v2.5.69
    Google Talk v2.5.69
    Windows Live Messenger v2.5.69
    YouTube v1.0.0.37

    3rd Apps can be installed provided you have the serials etc:
    Launcher BlueZone v2
    Blink v6.52 (Serial Required)
    Bolt Browser v2.50
    Camera Mute App v1.12
    CaptureIt v1.4
    Capture Nux v3.0.0
    Change It v2.0
    ControlBBanel v1.24.46
    File Manager Pro v1.6.0 (SerialRequired)
    Flash On v1.0
    Fancy Smiley v1.2
    FileLock v1.0
    Font Collection v2.5
    InfoBox v1.1 (Serial Required)
    iLockerPro v1.0
    Jeprt v1.0.0
    Lenspresso v1.0 (Simple and lightweight photo editor)
    MeterBerry v2.5.0 (Serial Required)
    Memory Booster v4.1.0
    Mobiola Xplayer v1.8
    NetQin Antivirus
    Nux Tools v1.2.1
    QuickLaunch v3.7.3 (Serial Required)
    Super Launch v1.20 (Serial Required)
    Tiny Meter (BB Meter) v1.1
    UnRAR v1.2
    Uber Social v1.191

    Theme y4kutz4 Hybrid (Onyx & Delta only) :

    Blackberry 6 Theme wtith OS 6.1 Icons(Final Release) among others

    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    Installation directions:

    1. Download "Hybrid X-Calibur v3 Multi Device.rar" dan Extract "Hybrid X-Calibur v3 Multi Device.rar" to PC/Laptop.
    2. Install Base OS 91xx/9300/9700/9780/9800 Beta/Official.
    3. Wipe file "Vendor.xml" located C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader.
    4. Wipe all content (or zip them up into a secured location) located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research inMotion\Shared\Loader Files\*Folder Base OS*.
    5. Copy entire folder "Hybrid X-Calibur v3 Multi Device" into the folder "Base OS folder".
    6. Backup all Data (via Desktop Manager) dan 3rd Apps (via BBSAK).
    7. Wipe device with BBSAK/JL_cmder/BBMCP or other tools
    8. Load OS through Loader.exe located C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Apploader.
    9. Please do 1 battery pull once the OS is loaded, to determine if any error occured is caused by the hybrid or the previously backed up data.
    10. Restore data through DM and 3rd party apps through BBSAK.
    11. Done.

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