Microsoft Voice Command v1.6.28008 Full w/ & w/o Voice Controller
Requirements: WM5,6.X

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More Info:
Voice Command for Windows Mobile is a speaker independent speech recognition and speech output system that enables users to use voice without training to perform many common device functions both hands free and eyes free with the option of doing this through a Bluetooth hands free device. The system allows users to call or lookup any contact in the address book, play and control music by artist, album or genre, query calendar and status information. The system can optionally speak the incoming caller ID information as well as upcoming appointments. Currently, Voice Command is supported for US English, UK English, French and German languages.



Call <contact>
Call <contact> at home
Call <contact> at work
Call <contact> on mobile
Call <contact> on cell
Call <contact> on cellular
Call <contact> at home two
Call <contact> at work two
Call <contact> at car
Call <contact> on radio
Call <contact> on pager
Call <contact> at assistant

To confirm that you want to make the call after Voice Command responds:

You can say "Yes" or "Correct" to call.
You can say "No" or "Incorrect" to try again.

If Voice Command asks you which location, you can:

Repeat one of the locations that Voice Command offers to call.
Say "No" to try again.

Related commands:

You can say "Call back" to call back the last call that you received.
You can say "Redial" to call back the last call that you made.


Call Karen Archer on cell
Call Frank Miller
Call City Light and Power
Call Barbara Sparrow Home


Voice Command indexes by the Contact's first and last name if it exists. If you have a nickname entered, you can use that too. Voice Command will only let you call by company name if there is no first or last name.

You must prefix contact calling with the "call" keyword. If you use "dial", it won't work!

===== DIALING A NUMBER ======


Dial <7-digit number>
Dial <10-digit number>
Dial <1+10-digits>
Dial <N-1-1>


Dial 555-0200
Dial 800-555-1212
Dial 1-800-555-1212
Dial 411

You must prefix digit dialing with the "dial" keyword. If you use "call", it won't work!


What's my next appointment?
What's my schedule today?
What's my schedule tomorrow?
Reminders On
Reminders Off
What's my next meeting?
What are my appointments (today)?
What are my meetings (today)?
What's my schedule (today)?
What's my calendar (today)?
What's my calendar for today?
What are my appointments tomorrow?
What are my meetings tomorrow?
What's my calendar for tomorrow?
What's my schedule tomorrow?

===== START MENU =====


Start <program>


Start Solitare
Start Messaging
Start Internet Explorer
Start Pictures and Video


Voice Command will index any file that is in or inside of \windows\program files
You have to say the file name exactly as it is written. It may be helpful to rename shortcuts. Also, you can put links to web pages here and go straight to a saved web page this way.

===== MEDIA =====


Play music (to have Voice Command guide you through selecting music)
Play media (variant of Play music)
Play anything (play all media)
Play artist
Play album
Play genre

Play <artist name>
Play <album name>
Play <genre name>
Play <everything>

Previous (track)
Shuffle on
Shuffle off
What song is this?
What track is this?


Play The Beatles
Play The White Album
Play Rock
Play Everything

You cannot play individual tracks using voice Voice Command will index the media based on the metadata. You can use a metadata editor to groom the fields.

===== Phone Stuff/Status =====

What time is it?
What date is it?
What is my battery level?
Turn flight mode on. (to turn on flight mode and disable all wireless radios including Bluetooth, WIFI and cellular phone)
Turn flight mode off.
What is my signal strength?
What calls have I missed?
What missed calls do I have? (to hear each missed call and reset the missed call count)
Set Ringer High
Set Ringer Loud (to set ringer volume to 5)
Set Ringer Medium
Set Ringer Middle (to set ringer volume to 3)
Set Ringer Low
Set Ringer Soft (to set ringer volume to 1)
Set Ringer Quiet
Set Ringer Off
Set Ringer Mute to set ringer volume to off
Set Ringer Vibrate to set ringer to vibrate
Secured URL

Download Instructions:
Normal Secured URL
With Controller Secured URL

(MSVC Controller is taken from XDA so credit to XDA Developers for this)