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Thread: Toss It! v1.0.28 by Smarter Apps

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    New Toss It! v1.0.28 by Smarter Apps

    Toss It! is new game from Smarter Apps, makers of Angry Farm. The premise of the game is simple - toss a variety of objects at the intended targets and score points for hitting the target. Try to beat your previous best score, but don't forget to adjust for the crosswind as the object will curve based on the strength of the wind. There are four levels included: classic "paper toss" into a waste basket, kicking a football through uprights, sinking a ping-pong ball into a cup and basketball. Features include:

    * Four action-packed game levels (Paper Toss, Football Kick, Basketball Toss and Beer Pong)
    * Engaging special audio and video effects
    * Supports BlackBerry OS 4.6 devices and above
    * Free upgrades to all existing customers forever

    OTA LINK: Secured URL
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