[Action Tower Defense game - Defen-G Astro]

Forget all the other Defense Games before!

1. A Whole New Strategy Defense Game Ever!
-Enjoy an unique and exciting game with creative skills
such as horizontal dispatch of units

2. Endless Invading Enemies and Indiscriminate Attack from the Sky
- Feel the thrill of unlimited speed and blow your stress away

3. Various Combination of Units with more than 50 Characteristics
- Create your own unit combination for the best defense line

4. Compose the most powerful deck-combination!
The Art of Deck-Composition!
- Go for the world record!
Compete with the users around the world with your own unit-deck

5. Enjoy a special experience to become a god with supernatural magic skills
- Use the spectacular and ultimate skills with Ice, Fire, Thunderbolt or Sun

6. A Game to Grow with Me by Taming a Dragon!
- Tame your own avatar, dragon

7. Breath-taking Battle with a Final Giant Boss!
- Defend the tower, fighting the horrible monsters
and feel the exciting control strategy

8. Challenge the Human Limits, Infinite Game Mode!
- What is your ultimate skill limit?
Defend and save the Atea Tower from the endless invading enemies!

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