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Thread: "The Best Price"?? Hmmmmm......

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    Angry "The Best Price"?? Hmmmmm......

    From its own website, IPmart claims "to get the latest products available and yet negotiated for the best price for you."

    But when it came to a simple leather belt, it would NOT give me the Best Price. On other sites it is being offered for 35USD. On IPmart 46USD. After contacting Customer Service the best they would do was 40USD.

    To offer the Best Price and then not deliver the Best Price is basically false advertising. I was on Live Chat, and when I pointed out that issue, she promptly disconnected me from the chat. I would bring this issue up to a Corporate Executive, but oddly enough (or NOT so oddly.....) their names are either nowhere to be found on their website, or are so well hidden as to be invisible.

    Shame Shame
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