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Thread: FlashSMS 1.2.1 - Send a Flash SMS

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    Default FlashSMS 1.2.1 - Send a Flash SMS

    Send Flash sms with FlashSMS BlackBerry App World Description

    **IMPORTANT** This product may not work properly on CDMA enabled devices and may be subject to restrictions of your network provider. FlashSMS may not work properly on all networks. PLease contact your service provider for clarification.
    FlashSMS allows you to send SMS messages DIRECTLY to their home screen. They no longer have to close a current application or swap one to see your message!
    FlashSMS is highly visible and easy to see. No longer will you have to hear: "I didn't see your message!" because it'll be right there on top.
    You can access FlashSMS directly from the home screen displaying it, or from your devices phone book.
    1) What number format do I use when sending FlashSMS?
    Non-international users must use: +1 and then the area code and number. Remember: no spaces Eg; +16021234567.
    International users: Please use international phone number formats without any spaces or symbols. Eg; +1011012345 etc
    2) I downloaded and correctly installed FlashSMS on my phone, but I keep getting error messages or the program does not send my message(s).
    Please check to be sure your carrier allows FlashSMS services to be used. Some carriers do not allow this type of SMS service currently or, your phone is unsupported at this time. We are working to ensure compatibility for all SMS enabled devices and carrier services. If your phone is not currently supported, please send us an Email at the support address below.
    (Auripay: here is where your support email address belongs.)
    3) How much does it cost to use FlashSMS?
    Normal data rates apply from your service carrier. Know what your plan covers or check with your provider.

    OS 4.5 - 6.0 :

    or :
    [CODE]http://adf. ly/vpfd

    Link no Space [/CODE]
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