Instructions for installing the program and adding maps:
1.Spoof the app normally like u spoof others
2.. Now start adding cards. What you need maps, you can choose to read the spoiler.
Cards need to put in a folder ("program folder")-> Res-> Maps .
3.Next u need to register the program. To do this you need to download SygicKG and run it on your PC.
4. Next you need to specify the path to Europe.mlm (for Naviteq) or Europe AT.mlm (for TeleAtlas), specify the Device ID phone (when u run sygic it will offer to register and we'll see this ID, will be something like this BADASIM89380009213061440843)
9. Be sure to tick off 8.16 version, and click Generate.
10. The resulting code to enter into the phone.
11. That's it.

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