BlueMuze (Full version) v0.9.7a
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Transfer music files and playlists over bluetooth directly from one phone to another.

Transfer music files and playlists over bluetooth directly from one phone to another -- P2P (phone to phone). ***This is direct sending/sharing not torrent-style.***
You don't have to be a fan of the movie High Fidelity to remember the 80s and 90s culture of making mixtapes for friends.
Handwritten lists on the back of cassettes, CDs adorned with sharpie titles -- these things probably seem like distant memories in the digital age of MP3s, Pandora, iTunes and Amazon.
But our desire to share the music that inspires us, that makes us laugh, that moves us, never left. It's just the technology that surrounds how we interact with music, that has changed so rapidly in recent years.
BlueMuze aims to help bring back this ability. Transfer custom-made playlists, and the music files/MP3s that go
with them, directly to your friends.
Select some songs, put them in the order you want, give your playlist a name, then send it to a friend.

What's in this version:
(fixed FC bug from 0.9.7)
Lots of new features on the Arrange screen media player
Move items to first, last, up, down or remove them
This offers an alternative to drag and drop for arranging songs
New feature to show selected only, deselected only, or all
New feature where BlueMuze will better "remember" your selections from one screen to the next
This should make it much easier to make selections, arrange them, and go back and change your selections without losing the order
misc. bugfixes

More info:
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Download Instructions: Cracked by Notion.
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