FPse for android v0.10.16
Requirements: Android:2.2 and up
Overview: FPse for android is the fastest and the most compatible PSone emulator for handled devices. (also known as Psx or Playstation 1) Make image ISO from your games, and enjoy playing them on your Android phone.


FPse include those impressives strengths:

- Very fast
- High compatibility
- High sound quality.
- Realtime savestate
- Audio tracks emulation (using .cue file)
- Forcefeedback
- Overlay Pads dynamically loadable
- Guncon emulation
- Analog Sticks using sliding on touchscreen
- Playable from Gsensor, Touchscreen and hardware keys.
- Support .img .iso .bin .cue .nrg and .Z disc image format.

Now just get it and enjoy this first version!

Somes tips:
- Make your config one time, Load Bios, configure Keys etc... then save to default into system menu.
- Press Menu button to be able to use the Volume buttons
- CALL button,BACK, VOLUME UP and DOWN can be assigned as PSone buttons.
- To use Guncon, map A and B buttons to Hardware key just notice that L3=A and R3=B.
- Somes games will need you set SPUSync to get working or just to have good sound. (MGS, FFVII etc..)
- Play with frameskip, animation can be still very smooth, in example the game CROC, set Frameskip up to 50, and unset Frame limiter.

New Fix for onscreen sticky buttons.

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