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Thread: Conversation Modder V1.5

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    New Conversation Modder V1.5

    What is it?
    First of all, this is just a basic app. It IS a work-in-progress.

    What does it do?
    It helps in modifying the look of the conversations apps (Messagin app)

    Uploaded with Secured URL

    Uploaded with Secured URL
    How do I run it?
    VERSION 1.5
    Right now, installation from application manager is giving errors. So until i figure it out, you can install it as follows:
    1. open xterm
    2. become root

    sudo gainroot

    3. cd to wherever you've downloaded the deb file
    4. type this in xterm

    dpkg -i conversationmodder.deb

    This a one time process and Now the application will be available from the menu

    1.Unzip to phone
    2.Open Xterminal
    3.Become root("sudo gainroot") to where you've unzipped the files
    5. Run the script as follows:sh
    6. Chose action and voila!
    7. ???
    8. Profit!

    IMPORTANT: If you're getting errors relating to 'zenity', then please install zenity from the repos. See Secured URL

    What all does it help me do?
    This app is just an improvement over my previous scripts. It help to install new themes downloaded from here. Also, backup and restore, and help in installing portrait support (not guaranteed for custom themes)

    1. Has to be started from Xterm (solved from version 1.5)
    2. Has to be run as root (solved from version 1.5)
    3. No easy install-and-run process (installation has to done via xterm, but application can be run from menu)

    What can be expected in the future?
    Option to change our name in SMS window from 'You:' <-----DONE
    Support for own avatar
    Option to change color schemes <--------------------------------IN PROCESS
    .Deb file to easily install scripts <----------------------------------IN PROCESS

    What can not be expected in the NEAR future?
    A better UI, because I dunno anything about QT coding. Anybody who can help me out, I will be grateful.
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