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Thread: Torch Hybrid OS 3.0 only 9800 v.448

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    New Torch Hybrid OS 3.0 only 9800 v.448

    Torch Hybrid OS 3.0 only 9800 v.448

    Greetings, today I approached the third version of this wonderful team 9800, in reference to length and stability of the battery and memory is of great benefit as it is a hybrid that has greater application compatibility, and if stability between programs and System.

    Base of the Official OS
    Displays the OS
    Screen OS
    With over 200 DOCs of
    60 CODs of
    100 CODs of
    Additional Included Application
    and more ...

    The steps are as follows PLEASE READ
    Official OS be installed on your PC.
    Support of our team to do more third-party app.
    Remember that the installer now has full OS you must remove the app not to use ok.
    They proceed to run the installer.
    It is advisable to delete the factory but a complete removal to be on the safe.
    Now open the APP Loader and proceed with installation.
    No Third Party app install for the OS is installed without errors.
    Once installation is complete and logging into Facebook Application, Twitter, and Open BBmsn to avoid errors with the key.
    Then turn to the 3 Battery Pulls for the OS fits well this is mandatory.
    Now they will use the device to see that everything works well then proceed to the third party app and its support.

    Now that you know which are the steps I hope you enjoy the work I welcome your criticism please read.

    Developed in ZonaBlackberry por:


    Omar Peroni (Master Hybrid)

    Team Betatester:
    Staff de zonablackberry SIN
    Jose Petit
    Dennis batalla

    Get it here Secured URL
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