® Game CIH v.1.3.0

A dream come true cheaters, hackers, and just fans of the games with a bunch of money, skill points (in RPG), etc. The program - analogue Artmoney for PC, Sorcerer for Symbian and PGS for the VM. The program requires RTH right!
1. open GameCIH, indicate the shortcut button, hide (house)
2. Starting the game
3. click on the selected button
4. box to select the Input Number, enter the number of such money, which you have now in the game
5. there are many lines, close the window of the program
6. spend money in the game, or vice versa, we obtain, so would the number of money (or anything else) has changed
7. Again we go in the program (paragraph 3), now we have again press the Input Number, enter the number has changed (for example, have the money 3000, bought something, money was suppose 2600, then enter 2600)
8. If lucky, the program finds the values of 2.1, select the value (s) and change such as 99999 (to billions better than "income" on the VCR program crashes), confirm, go to the game
9. if this time you're in luck, then the number will change to something that you have written - if not, do not be upset, in the description indicated that the light version, and therefore does not support all games (can only wait until a new version)

List of cracked games for the LITE version (regular version without activated manually Hidden Mode'a, ie without the use of the Internet:

Changes in version and additional links:

P.S used AdFree, restored the original file Hosts, and everything turned out, Hayden mode is activated