Version 0.9-63 is now @ extras-testing. Please test and cast your vote based on your results:

Uploaded with Secured URL

Theme Customiser is a control Panel util to customize your theme.
With this handy little tool you can:
- change system font family
- change system font size
- change font colors
- save and load color presets
- change application shortcut sizes at homescreen
- show or hide the backgrounds for application shortcuts at homescreen
- change web bookmark sizes at homescreen
- adjust snap to grid value at homescreen
- change icon themes
- change backgrounds for applications
- change homescreen widget opacities
- change homescreen top menu opacity
- import .ttf and .otf fonts
- save and delete themes
- restore theme files from backup
- Note: backups of any files to be modified will be created automaticly
- Thanks to CepiPerez for custom hildon-home binary.

During install a backup of your hildon-home.launch -file is created and it's restored when you uninstall the package.

All other files that are modified by the customizer are also backed up for restoring. Backups are created under /opt/theme-customizer/backups/

Known issues:
- when user chooses NOT to reboot automaticly, sometimes hildon-home won't start up or there's a ~20 seconds delay before all shortcuts re-appears on desktop. This is not serious, reboot fixes it.