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Thread: Update to MMI V6.02 with Sygic 8.2.55 Multi - Platform Exclusive by TheMask007

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    New Update coming soon to MMI 6.1 & Sygic 8.2.40 with 6.01 Multi - Platform Exclusive

    For Next Update 6.1 Check Here : Thanks to great portman

    Old maps to MMI V6

    According to info, it is same 8.2.4 version with modified map file.- (Link restored & new Updated Voice added ).
    Updated mapV6 file for better road selection in this exe.

    This MapMyIndia 6.02 stable release gives:

    - FREE map update including:
    > Latest road coverage
    > Few Kb map size difference ( For guys who find maps same as old - Its official that these are different)
    > Updated house numbers
    > Updated POI database
    > Updated lanes
    > Updated speed limits
    > Updated flyovers
    > Updated one-ways
    > Updated turn restrictions
    > Other stability improvements
    > Errors removed from voice guidance

    Download here : Secured URL
    Thanks to tompson post for only maps link Here
    Do not copy direct links to other sites. But you can reffer to my post.

    Also New updated crystal clear voice of Secured URL(Little loud too) with mail
    For Activation:
    Happy Navigating

    Update Map to 6.02 method Here: .
    1. Download files here :Secured URL
    2. Unrar all files & you will get ".exe" File.
    3. Extract it to card & we will get few folders with a map Folder.
    4. Replace that folder with current sygic map folder.
    5. If needed reactivate or rewrite licence file.
    Congrates maps will be updated to 6.02 ver.

    This material is for testing and evaluation/education purpose only for those who are interested in GPS navigation experiments.
    I take no responsibility in any kind of loss or legal issues associated with this material if you download and use it without obtaining proper legal licenses.
    You are strongly advised to purchase the software, associated maps and licenses from the manufacturers.

    Support the manufacturers of GPS Navigation Systems by acquiring genuine licenses from them. If you like it Why don't you Buy it?

    " little help of our can make this world wonderfull "
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