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Thread: Essential Cydia Apps (Post yours too)

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    iPmart Essential Cydia Apps (Post yours too)

    When I was a newbie, I always ask this question:
    I jailbreaked my iPhone, I have Cydia running, now what?

    Well WE compiled some basic app/tweak to get you started with your newly jailbroken iDevices...

    A. Must Haves:
    1. iFile - just like the explorer on our PC.
    2. Safari download manager - Adds a substrate that allows you to download directly from SAFARI. Very useful when downloading deb file. Works with iFile. SORRY BUT FOR ios 4 only.
    3. SBSettings - If you have been on symbianOS this is like jBaktaskman.
    4. Installous - This is an app so you can download/install cracked apps directly on your device. If you install this on cydia, it will also install the appsync which is a prerequisite.
    5. Winterboard - Like theming, this is for you then....
    6. afc2dd - This is a tweak that lets you use your device as a usb/ lets you access your idevice's file system through your pc/mac.

    B. Add-ons:
    1. Cydelete - This is a tweak that lets you uninstall cydia apps directly on springbord. Don't forget to reboot btw.
    2. BytaFont - Depends on your ios version, this is an app for changing your iDevice's default font. Fontswap is working until 3.1.3 while bytafont is for newer iOS.
    3. BiteSMS - A better replacement for the default messaging app.
    4. FolderEnhancer - This is a tweak which is an improvement in folders of the current folder system of iOs.
    5. Infinidock - Dock as many apps/folders as you want!!!
    6. Springtomize - Customize your SPRINGBOARD anyway you want.
    7. MyWi - This will enable tethering on your iOs.
    8. My3G/3G Unrestrictor - This will fake your device into thinking that it is using wifi signal instead of your 3G/Data Plan.
    9. iAP Cracker - Lets you make in-app purchases free of charge.

    All apps/tweaks that don't have links, you can download at Cydia for free. Will keep this UPDATED.

    Those coloured BLUE means it is available here or in Cydia that is compatible for iOS 5.

    Please feel free to post yours....

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