Hi guys.

Need sm help, hv a quite old pc with following cnfgrtns.

Processor p4
motherbrd 865gbf
ram 1gb kingstn ddr1

now whenever try to start it, system got started but monitor doesnt shw anythng only its green light keep blinking. I have cross checked it and its fine, any suggestn pls. Btw i tk it to a hardware shp and that guy just
cleaned up my processor and fit it in, and it started bt once i brng it back, it started for once and again gone in d same condition. Wat wld u suggest?

Apart frm my abv prblm, i m planng to upgrade it if it wont start.

I m planng to upgrade three cmpnents basically.

DDR3 2GB ram
core 2 duo

now i am nt abl to finlz the cpu nd motherboard, i am lkng 4 there features.

Usb 3.0
Integrated video card so i wldnt need any other video card to play my games and 4 othr stff.
Supprt to ddr3 ram
and all in all good perfrmnce. I tried to find sm, bt came to knw dat core 2 duo is a 775 socket one and not one of intel mothrboard spprt ddr3 to ths processor, ahh i am quite confused.

Please suggest smthng.

Btw my budget wld b arnd Rs. 12-14k..