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Thread: Electronic cigarette/vaporizer ???

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    Default Electronic cigarette/vaporizer ???

    Anyone using an electronic cigarette/nicotine vaporizer?? I've seen them previously but thought it was just a gimmick. One of my hard smoking buds had a Pure Smoke Ecig the other day and was puffin' and praisin' it. I got a starter kit and let me say I'm quiet impressed with the results. Fellas I go thru at least 2 packs of Marlboro Lights a day so when it comes to nicotine I require more than most. The Pure Smoke is all I have been able to acquire locally. I've just begun research online and wanna get an outfit that will use the flavored liquid drops. Hey if you love a cigarette I strongly suggest you check this out. I'm loving it. There's no smoke, fire, ash, stupid fire safe chemical or any carcinigens just pure nicotine vapor. Hey if you quit this isn't what this is about. That's really good for you but I'm a smoker not looking to give up my nicotine. The rest of that silly chit I can do without...I'm just sayin" Vaporize!

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