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Thread: Onscripter for symbian v1.03

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    Default Onscripter for symbian v1.03

    Secured URL is now ported for Symbian.

    Onscripter is software engine that is used for the creation of Secured URL.

    Install the visual novel on your PC, apply the English patch(if you can't read Japanese) and copy the contents of the folder to "E:\OnScripter". Enjoy!!!

    Where to get the "games"?
    *There's a lot of free VNs at Secured URL.
    *Others like Tsukihime or Umineko are comercial so you must to buy then.

    * Support to Umineko( uses a lot of ram, runs more stable with the s60v3 version that uses less ram).
    * Support to Japanese.

    * The two versions are on the zip file the difference between then is the resolution:
    *s60v3 version uses QVGA(320x240) res.
    *s60v5 version uses VGA(640x480) res - better image quality.


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