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Thread: Navigon Navigator 7.7.5 (2011)+ Maps Q1,Q4.... Full !!!

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    New Navigon Navigator 7.7.5 (2011)+ Maps Q2.2011

    Navigon Navigator 7.7.5 !!!


    The program for testing - I look forward to your feedback and testing!
    (does not work on Goclever 5066FMBT)

    Navigon Navigator latest version: 7.7.5 (with the Navigon 1970 Premium Live)
    (including English) prepared to work with other navigation systems!
    works on WinCE 6, 128 Ram ....
    Poi Poi Europe + ENG (01.2011)
    Using POI_Sightseeing with Navigon MN 7.7.5 (Navigon 1970 Premium Live). Contains current constant radar and dryers (December 2010), LPG and petrol stations, warning of dangerous curves and visiting Polish POI area (points to visit, along with a description of monuments, interesting places, in English) and other POIs (418 categories)

    I've added the latest maps of Eastern Europe, Q2 2011

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