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Thread: CFWs by Ivo777: Symbian Anna CFW for N8 RM-596 FW14.002 v1.1 [01-07-2011]

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    Default CFWs by Ivo777: Symbian Anna CFW for N8 RM-596 FW14.002 v1.1 [01-07-2011]

    CFWs in this Thread:
    1. CFW for Nokia N8 RM-596 FW v13.016 by ivo777 {Download link is present in this post}
    2. The Black CFW by ivo777 Nokia N8 RM-596 FW v13.016
    3. Totally Black CFW by A.I.Team™ Nokia N8 RM-596 13.016
    4. Symbian Anna CFW by ivo777 for Nokia N8 RM-596 FW14.002 v1.1


    1.Photo Gallery Folders
    Photo Gallery Folders excluded lots of folders path, now it's will only show E:\Images\ & F:\Images\ contents.

    2.Disabled Charging notes

    3.Removed FM transmitter on/off notifications

    4.Removed Leave offline mode query to access network

    5.Bluetooth stays on when switching to offline mode

    6.Lock screen and keyboard replaced by Reboot phone

    7.Photo/Video (097/30FPS)
    Photo quality change the compression ratio from original 85/75/ to 97/85, video will change from 25FPS to 30FPS and the capture audio quality will change from 128kbps to 256kbps

    8.Browser's Cache (E:\)
    Change the default browser cache folder from C: to E: and set the amount to 32MB, actual effects need those HEAVY internet users feedback

    9.Continuous AutoFocus
    You will have an EXTRA option under Video Setting that enable the Continuous AF during video

    10.Changed SplashScreen (Think Nokia)

    11.Built-in File manager can see sys, resource and edit private folders,also can see root of C drive

    12.Added installserver.exe for installing unsigned applications with all capabilities

    13.Camera Sound Mute
    Enable the camera sound to be mute when warning tone been turn off

    14.Voice Recorder (12H/256kbps/Stereo)
    Set the default Voice Recorder to high quality recording (from 64kbps to 256kbps) and increase the max duration of the recording clip from 60mins to 720mins

    15.Music Player Volume/Heap Mods (80%/32MB)

    16.FM Transmitter RDS
    The FM Transmitter now send RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia"

    17.Music Gallery Folders
    - Music Gallery Folders excluded lots of folders path,now it's will only show E:\Music\, E:\Sounds\, F:\Music\, F:\Sounds\, G:\Music\, G:\Sounds\ contents

    18.Music Player Equalizer
    Add in additional 6 EQ presets, Flat/Speech/Enhance/Treble booster/Bass & Treble/ZigZag

    Big thanks to: Il.Socio,Leonapapa,wook,faenil,swmail,fonix232,COD eRUS,hyperX and sklchan for their hard work!

    Download: Secured URL
    Last edited by Zeeshu007; 2nd July 2011 at 21:15. Reason: Updated the tiltle after Symbian Anna CFW release by ivo777 and added link of the same in this post

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