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Thread: Compass 1.2 for All BB by blue solutions inc

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    Talking Compass 1.2 for All BB Updated to 1.2.2 Support 9700 6.0

    the post that its illegal and if u like it,pls buy it

    Purchase:Secured URL

    I just send serial to those whose reputation is above 30 and if i had your device simulator。。。。
    so,if your reputation is above 30,leave your pin and what device r u using

    This wonderful fully-featured compass is the next step up from our popular Compass Lite. Compass uses the built-in GPS in the device to show your heading, speed, latitude and longitude and where North is in relation to your heading on a variety of stunning backgrounds. To establish a heading, you MUST BE MOVING to use it! .
    Compass can now store locations called WayPoints and integrates those WayPoints with Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps!

    ****Compass v.1.2 Upgrading Notes for the Bold 9700, 9650 and Tour 9630****
    Upgrading your Compass on most models is seamless BUT, if you have Compass for the BOLD 9700, 9650 or Tour 9630 OS 5.0, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!:
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, you will have to DELETE the version of Compass for the Bold currently on the phone BEFORE you load the upgraded version. This means that, regrettably, you will lose any stored information including your WayPoints. If you wish to retain your stored WayPoints, you will have to re-enter them manually if you choose to upgrade. Be sure to write them down BEFORE you delete the old version. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
    If you would prefer to keep your stored WayPoints and not enter them manually, please do not install this upgrade.
    If you choose to upgrade, you will be prompted for your Activation Code. Be sure to write it down so you can enter it when prompted.
    These instructions only apply to Compass for the Bold 9700, 9650 and Tour 9630; all other models are unaffected.

    Please note: On installation, Compass tries to automatically set the Permissions it needs. There are two permissions that Compass requires: access to the Location Data AND access to the Security Timer Reset permission to allow the screen to stay lit. If your phone is under the control of a BES administrator who sets the policy of what can and cannot run on the phone, your company phone *may* appear to lock up. Please contact if you experience this behaviour. We can swap you over to a version that doesn't require this setting.

    Be sure to check our website for more information, including FAQ and disclaimer information at

    Stunning new backgrounds (in both portrait and landscape orientations on the Storm); some are even animated!
    The ability to change the format of the Heading, the lat/long and the speed: You can choose formats like Degrees, Minutes, Seconds or miles/hour
    The ability to display and/or reset the maximum speed
    New header graphics that show time, date, battery strength, # of satellites/GPS strength
    Store WayPoint locations with a title and description
    Show WayPoints or your current location in Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps
    Show a route to a chosen WayPoint in Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps
    Multilingual: supports English, German, Italian, French and Spanish
    The red arrow in the compass rose always points to True North and updates when your location changes
    Requires access to the internal GPS on device and the ability to set device permissions; Google Maps and/or BlackBerry Maps to enjoy all features (data charges *may* apply depending on your plan with your carrier)
    This is not an iPhone compass! It is GPS-based and you NEED TO BE MOVING to use it! It takes REPEATED READINGS from the GPS data so you must move your location (not far: 5 - 10 meters or so) to cause the compass rose to rotate.

    1.Need Serial,and could find serial via debugger;
    2.Serial format:qazx1234 or qazx12345;
    3.if u have 9700 then use 9700 simulator to find serial,if u have Torch 9800,then use 9800 simulator to find serial;

    for the Bold 9000 OS 5.0 ONLY! NOT compatible with OS 4.6!

    for the Curve 8520, 8530 and 9300 OS 5.0 ONLY! NOT compatible with OS 4.6!

    for the Pearl 9100 and 9105 OS 5.0

    for the Storm OS 4.7

    for the Bold 9650, 9700 and Tour 9630 OS 5.0

    for the Bold 9780 OS 6.0 ONLY!

    for the Curve 8900 OS 5.0 ONLY! NOT compatible with OS 4.6!

    for the Storm OS 5.0

    for the Style 9670 OS 6.0

    for the Torch 9800

    for the Tour OS 4.7

    for the Bold 9650 OS 6.0 ONLY!

    for the Bold 9700 OS 6.0 ONLY!

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