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Thread: Maptrip 2.5.2 Truck (Naviloc) SD-Ready

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    Thumbs up Maptrip 2.5.2 Truck (Naviloc) SD-Ready

    Maptrip 2.5.2 Truck (Naviloc) SD-Ready

    For non Arival Navigation PNA!

    Includes maps of -and Eastern Europe and Turkey!

    Programm ist vorkonfiguriert für das MIO V505TV

    This version is tuned and reconfigured so that everything from a folder (maptrip) works out.

    One version runs on Windows CE 6.0 Storage Card and the other under SDMMC

    Hoster is FileFont - no waiting and no unreadable, ridiculous and annoying captcha input!

    Thanks also go to Freddy_1488 of its flash memory from his Arival Navi had provided!
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