Steel Beasts: Gold Edition

Steel Beasts: Gold Edition
PC game | Developer: eSim Games | 110 Mb
Genre: Real-time Strategy

Steel Beasts Gold takes the already extremely successful and award-winning Steel Beasts to the next level. Numerous new scenarios created by the developers, gamers and military experts have been added to complement the vastly improved scenario editor found in the Gold Edition. Steel Beasts Gold insures many more hours of furious tank combat.

Steel Beasts is a highly accurate simulator of the US M1A1 and German Leopard 2A4 tanks, designed to let you create and play scenarios of modern armored warfare on your PC. Missions can be played over LAN and Internet with any combination of cooperative and competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank. Powerful and easy-to-use scenario and map editors allow players to create virtually any mission they can dream up.

Due to its accurate depiction of armored warfare and tank simulation, Steel Beasts has been used by military outfits such as WestPoint Academy and MIMIC, the training center for the National Guard to train recruits, students and veterans alike in the art of mechanized warfare

Hardware Requirements
266 MHz Pentium
2MB SVGA card
250 MB available hard disk space
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000 installed. (Steel Beasts will NOT run on Windows NT.)