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Thread: Safebox V5.0

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    Default Safebox V5.0

    SafeBox v5.0

    Safebox is the new password protection program for your Blackberry, it enables you to lock specific applications with a password. You can either decide to lock your messages folder, media files, options or any application that has been installed on your blackberry.

    Forget about the curious who want to see your personal information, private emails, calendar important events or change your device settings.

    SafeBox offers protection to prevent this from happening, leaving the team and know they are protected.

    The password protection built-in Blackberry you to enter a password forever, even if you just lock the keypad.

    SafeBox offers a much more efficient to protect the device, can be protection for specific parts or the entire device is unnecessary and can be time consuming.

    But you can also specify how you protect your data, either constant, when the backlight turns off, last time or when you want to activate it manually by using the easy access to the menu.

    This program is an effective way to use your BlackBerry while being efficient and safe!


    * Lock any application you want, without limit - Block all you want!
    * Choose the time to protect the applications (timed constant backlight on, selected by the user)
    * Fast and easy to configure
    * Auto Start
    * Background mode
    * Ability to completely shut down the program

    Safebox V5.0

    http://<span style="background: #a3c.../div> </span>
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