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Thread: Navigon Premium 7.7.1 (Q4-2010) SD-Ready MIO v505TV

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    Thumbs up Navigon Premium 7.7.1 (Q4-2010) SD-Ready MIO v505TV

    Navigon Premium 7.7.1 (Q4-2010)

    for car, motorcycle, bike, truck, van, RV Navigation

    Mio PNA v505TV - SD-Ready Version
    with the following Futures / content

    The images from the animation were all done on the MIO V505 TV with the Navigon Premium package from the Download!

    - My Navigon Premium Blueskin
    - Automatic click away hint of the Road Traffic Act
    - 3D Virtual City for Berlin (Q4-2010)
    - GTA-module for Q4-2010 Germany
    - Q4-2010 Maps of Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland
    - All the latest nfs for Q4-2010 maps (so-called dwarfs)
    - German QWERTY - Keyboard
    - Current Navigon POI (pom)
    - Truck Attributes
    - Car instead Navigationspfeil
    - Additional speed cameras (Garmin POI)
    - Cutting-edge auto LPG filling stations in Germany + neighboring countries (Garmin POI)

    Note to automatically click away of the Road Traffic Act hint! The waiting time to click away the warning is from road traffic regulations-Class (speed of the SD card) as well as to the amount on the SD card itself, depending. So if not the STVO-warning window will disappear automatically, so you definitely need to wait in the \ Navigon \ navigon.mscr increase slightly. 1000 here, the waiting time is 1 sec. The entry in the navigon.mscr Sleep (30000) = 30 seconds of waiting time can then be raised to, for example, Sleep (36000) for 36 seconds.
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