[FS]Super Mario 4 mario forever

Super Mario Forever is EXACTLY the same as any other Mario game, except for one difference, it is made by one fan. The gameplay is better than any other 2D Mario game I've ever played on my PC but the only thing I don't like about it is not being able to save your game at a certain point of the game. (But which Mario game lets you do that anyway?)

As usual, the point of the game is getting from one side of the level to the other and fighting a boss at the end of each world to proceed, the characters are the same but he's changed some of the characters names, like calling Bowser Kuppa King.

The story is that Bowser has been destroying villages with his Koopa army and it's up to you to stop them (sounds simple but isn't). I especially like the sounds on this game as they sound exactly the same as any official Mario game and the graphics beat any 2D Mario game.

So for this game I give two thumbs up and I recommend the game to any Mario fan.

When i tested this it was cursor key's for movement Z - Jump X - Run