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Thread: How to get a CrunchSMS serial.

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    Default How to get a CrunchSMS serial.

    I am going to do my best to describe how I retrieve a CrunchSMS serial using Ollydbg. This seems to be a popular app and I think it deserves a how-to for all the DIYers. This is essentially a regurgitation of several other serial guides, just narrowed down to a single app.

    This guide will assume you already have the Simulator and Olly installed and have a basic understanding of both. If not check this thread.

    For CrunchSMS you will need to use an older version to get the serial. Anything 2.15 and under will work. In this i will be using 2.11, you can get it here.

    1. First put your pin number in the batch file in the simulator folder. I use the 9000 simulator as I find the 4.6 OS loads faster.

    2. Start the simulator. Load CrunchSMS onto your simulator.
    File -> Load Java Program
    Highlight all the .cod files and click open.

    3. Once it's loaded, you will need to go into the options in the phone and set the date like a month ahead to get past the trial time so you can get to the Registration nag.

    4. Open up CrunchSMS and Select "Activate License". It will bring you to a screen asking for the serial. Enter any random numbers and click "OK". It will tell you "The license key is not valid for this phone"

    5. With that screen up. Open up Olly and attach it to the Simulator.
    File -> Attach
    Find "fledge" in the list, click on it, and click Attach.

    6. Once its done loading, hit Alt+M to open up the memory map. Then hit Ctrl+B to open the search window. Type in "The license key is not valid for this phone" (no quotes) and click OK.

    7. The first window that pops up will look similar to this:

    This isn't what your looking for, so hit Ctrl+L to search again. If the bottom tells you "Item not found", then close that dump window and hit Ctrl+L again to search again. You are looking for a search result that looks similar to this:

    8. Once you find it Scroll up a few lines and your serial will be staring you in the face.

    It may take a couple tries before you get it, just keep searching, it's in there somewhere!
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