Fortinet, Inc. delivers a wide assortment of security products including its FortiGuard Antivirus, FortiGuard Antispam and its FortiGuard Web Filtering service, which delivers a prolific filtering software generally used at libraries, schools, governmental agencies and businesses that need to restrict access to websites deemed unsuitable, harmful or distracting. Unfortunately, due to the tight security this software delivers, websites that pose no risks may also become filtered when network administrators set up a FortiGuard Web Filtering service. Luckily, if this happens to you, utilizing a proxy site is a proactive way to bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering settings.


1. Use to bypass the FortiGuard Web Filtering service. With you will be able to bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering and access an innumerable amount of restricted sites through your network. This free proxy also hides your IP address when your surf the Net, which keeps your anonymity secure while you bypass any type of Internet restriction. To bypass the FortiGuard Web Filtering service using, add the URL address of the site FortiGuard is filtering in the blue text box displayed at the bottom of the page and click the "Go" tab to view it.

2. Open your browser and navigate to to start bypassing FortiGuard Web Filtering restriction. Enjoying unrestricted browsing without having to worry about any type of censorship originating from FortiGuard Web Filtering is what you can accomplish when using this free proxy site. When you surf the Net through ProxySmart, any type of Internet restriction will be bypassed because ProxySmart will fetch the resources required for you to be able to view a filtered website. To bypass the FortiGuard Web Filtering service, type the Web address you wish to access in the text field that says "Website url goes here" and click "Go" to retrieve the previously FortiGuard-filtered website.

3. Bypass the FortiGuard Web Filtering service by using the Freedom-Hide free proxy server. With Freedom-Hide, accessing websites that are being filtered by the FortiGuard Web Filtering service will be simple thanks to its user friendly browsing interface. Popular Web content easy to enable through Freedom-Hide includes social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, plus any other site you would like to navigate. To use this proxy when you need to bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering, enter the URL for the Web destination FortiGuard is blocking in your network in the text region displayed on the right side at the bottom of the page and proceed to access the site by clicking on "go."