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Thread: Nokia N8 software updated - Brings stability of phone applications

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    Default Nokia N8′s new browser and the new lag free, draggable homescreen!

    The demo of browser is just for showing the UI and functionalities that were missing from S60v5 browser. However it is a still very much evolving and developing product, any arguments about performance and interface might not be fair for the time being.
    1) Homescreen swiping works with drag kinetics!
    It appears that the swiping delay is gone WITHOUT having to tamper with settings and remove theme effects like in this post.

    The lag on the homescreen has been criticized heavily, but fortunately (or not) it was part of the UI design and NOT a limitation of the N8 hardware.

    Now that perceived lag is gone and it is said to be smooth and responsive.

    2) New browser has got rid of that stupid ugly fat bar at the bottom it

    seems! Hurray! I have wanted that ugly fat bar (my affectionate term for it) to die since S60 5th. At least now, slowly but surely it’s disappearing.

    • The address bar is now at the top.
    • It appears that works like the awesome bar/N900′s address bar where you can type in url or search terms. Check out the “G – Search for”! Brilliant stuff.
    • More of the screen is visible!
    • You can see the freaking keyboard AND the screen behind whilst typing on a touch screen.
    • Browser loads instantly without going to the bookmarks page (I’m assuming it loads a selectable home page – unless the link was already a bookmark, but then the icon )
    • Easy copy/paste/cut on the address bar (not sure if this is possible with web text itself)

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